How to know if a guy is really into you

by Itunuoluwa Adebo

In the quite interesting world of Boy-meets-Girl aka relationships like you call them, there’s always the tendency of getting mixed signals or not even knowing what signals you seem to be getting.

I’m sure by now you relate because being unsure of where you stand with that guy or lady can be the most emotionally draining and frustrating place to be. So here’s to unravelling the little things that are tell-tale signs he’s really into you.

1.  He initiates – You’re at a party, he comes up to you and strikes a conversation. If you’re not in the same immediate vicinity, he reaches out to you. Finding an excuse to talk to you doesn’t require much creativity. If he wants to get your attention, he’ll think of something.

If a guy likes you, he might ask you for things he didn’t necessarily need to ask you or start a conversation he didn’t need to have with you. When he wants to get your attention, he’ll think of something, even if he just makes it up.

If he doesn’t demonstrate an interest in talking to you or doesn’t initiate or maybe he cuts conversations short it’s a clear sign he probably doesn’t like you in that way.

Initiating is just a start though. If a guy likes you, he will take it beyond that and actually ask you out. If he doesn’t, then he may just see you as a friend, or maybe he’s interested in hooking up with you but he’s not interested in dating you.

2. He listens to what you say and remembers the details

When we like someone, we just can’t get enough. We want to know every detail, every story, even the insignificant ones. If a guy asks you a lot of questions about yourself and your life and shows a genuine interest in who you are and what you like, he is interested in you.

You’ll get further confirmation of this if he remembers the things you told him: where you went to school, your favourite colours, where you work etc. He’ll also want to share himself with you. You may notice he talks about himself a lot (especially the good parts, like areas where he is succeeding). This is because when a guy likes you he wants to impress you, he wants you to think highly of him.

There are definitely some guys who do this because they are plain proud or self-important.  So watch out for guys who can’t stop yapping about themselves.

3. Body language

He may come across all smooth and in control but his body language tells a different story.Mirroring is one way to assess if he’s into you. If you notice that he mimics your body language, it means he’s trying to connect to you and is completely focused on you. Other body language cues to look out for is if he leans in when talking to you, points his feet towards you, and maintains eye contact.

Usually when a guy likes you he’ll give you that deep penetrating stare, girl you just know when you see it.

Another strong tell is if he finds ways to touch you. It could be “accidental” like brushing against your arm, a seeming innocent high-five that lingers a little longer that it usually would, or he intentionally puts his hand on yours when you’re telling a story.

If he avoids eye contact, positions his body away from you, doesn’t encourage conversation or volunteer anything about himself, or maintains distance from you, he’s not feeling it.

4. He compliments your appearance

If he notices your appearance (hairdo nails, jewellery, outfits) and compliments you, it’s a pretty clear sign he likes you.

That’s it! The strongest indicators that a guy is interested in you. Hope this answers that timeless question, does he like me?  Guys, do you relate?

Truth is, when a guy likes you it’s obvious. If you have to ask, you already have your answer,  but when he’s really into you, you’ll just know, it would be clear.

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