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Every problem you have is your responsibility regardless of who caused it.

Now it sounds really simple, but to practice it is hard. We are saying that if somebody claims and did something that ruined your business and company, it’s your responsibility.

That’s why we struggle, because many of us want to blame and aportion blame. But you can realise that since it has happened, it’s your responsibility to solve it.

Once it has happened to you, even if you didn’t want it, if somebody infected you with Covid, your husband is stubborn, he went to a party you told him not to go to, and now he has brought the Covid home; it’s irresponsible of him, but now the problem is your responsibility to solve.

Instead of wasting your time, which might stop you from doing the work of just going to the hospital to solve it. Infact, I take it a bit more, I give it radical responsibility, everything that happens to me I take responsibility for.

If Covid affects my business operations, I take responsibility, for not building enough of a backup plan in times of crisis. If a team member relaxes in a way I don’t want, I take it my responsibility to having trained the person or properly match jobs or skills with the person.

When you’re radically responsible, it’s very difficult for you to not solve problems, once you see the problem. You don’t even have the time to say who caused it, you just how can we solve it.

I don’t always apply this as much as I can, but when I do apply it, it’s total freedom.

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