Esho Wemimo: Girls Scout motto and the hand bag

The iPod is great to have as well in the bag because you can play your music without interruption

The first step to having a bag that meets your day-to-day needs is to find the right bag. There are various types of bags for ladies. There is the tote, the hobo, the sling bag, satchels, the clutch etc.

The hobo is great for a day when you have lots of stuff to carry in your bag; it’s spacious and easily thrown over your shoulder. They can also be used as overnight bags.

The sling bag is for a dash out of the house, some are pretty small. They are great for your wallet and your phone.

Clutches are for more elegant outings, like a dinner. It’s small and isn’t meant to contain a lot of items, they can be carried by ‘clutching’ or by carrying it beneath one’s shoulder.

 After selecting the type of bag, the next step is make sure some fashion staples are always in your bag.

Some of the essentials are:

1.       Sun glasses.

These are not just a fashion staple but also serve the function of protecting the eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun. Sunglasses come in Aviators, Way-farers, Jackie-O’s and cat eyes shapes; choose the one that frames your face best.

2.       Make-up purse.

It is essential that a lady’s bag contain a miniature make up purse. It’s needed for a quick touch up at any time. It should contain a compact mirror, powder, lip gloss and/or lipstick, tissues, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, comb, some deodorant and even a nail file; you never know it may come in handy.

3.       Phone

No one leaves home without their phones anymore, in fact mobile phones have formed a niche for themselves also in the hearts of fashion lovers, and I have split this niche into the iPhone world and the BlackBerry world, here in Nigeria. Now phones can be accessorized to suit ones taste, with high-end designers cashing  in by making accessories.

4.       iPad and iPod

The iPad is a great gadget; it’s highly effective, slim and can fit into your bag. Having it with you means it could be useful during a long queue, for example at the petrol station. Whilst waiting alone, you can whip out your iPad and watch a movie, another great thing about the iPad that we fashion enthusiasts love is that they can also be accessorized.

The iPod is great to have as well in the bag because you can play your music without interruption, unlike the mobile phone, when a call is coming in it disrupts the music playing  and also helps to conserve the battery power of your phone.

5.       Keys.



No one loves to get to work or class and find out that they left their keys; hence keys are a very important item to not forget. Keys may seem boring on their own but life can be given to them by accessorizing them with key chains.

6.       Wallet

This is not just a stylish item but also essential to everyday activities. Wallets contain money, credit cards, ATM cards identification cards and other items. It would be a shame if it was left behind on an important day, or worse, stolen.

Other items that can be included are a foldable umbrella if its rainy season, hand sanitizer, a functioning pen, tampons, breath mints and any other important documents that you might need during the day.

With all these items in your bag, you are good to go anywhere confidently, knowing that you obeyed the Girls Scout Motto and are prepared for any situation that could come up during the course of your day.

Esho Wemimo:

Is a sociology major,blogger and aspiring journalist. music lover, contributor with the aim of owning a 5000 square foot wardrobe and ridding the world of carrot jeans. I have an ardent passion for top quality art, fashion and books.

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