Does the situation honour you? | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo

That business you’re doing, that jog you’re going to every morning, that person you’re toasting, that husband, that wife, that club you attend, the school you take your child to, the TV Show you’re watching, does it honor you? When you finish doing it, do you feel good about yourself?

When you leave your friend’s house that has a lot of money, when you get back home do you say to yourself that was good, that made me feel honored? If you don’t feel honored by the experiences in your life, if it doesn’t inspire you or empower you, if it doesn’t strengthen your spirits or warm your hearts. The kind of friends you’re hanging out when you go home and you feel like your life, if you’re surrounding yourself with people and situations that are constantly making you feel terrible, why do you keep doing it?

Why do you keep going to a religious house that makes you feel terrible? Why do you keep taking advice from people that make you feel less than yourself? Why do you keep associating yourself with friends that make you feel you haven’t achieved anything? Why do you keep asking people for things if they make you feel as if there is something wrong with you?  Ask yourself why do you keep putting yourself in situations that don’t honor you? You deserve to be treated well, you deserve to be treated with respect, 

Because you want something doesn’t mean you should embarrass and disgrace yourself trying to get it, you must do things that when you get back home you say to yourself I really like myself, I really admire myself.

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