Analyzing Segalink’s battles with the ‘occult group’ known as the Feminist Coalition

by Adewale Alabi

The #EndSARS/#EndSWAT agitation is not new. The call for an end to the impunity by the rogue police unit has been heralded in years past, especially in the year 2017 when Twitter users began to share stories, images and videos of their ordeal with them. One of the people who spoke up against the brutality of the Police officers quite early on social media was Segun Awosanya popularly known with the handle @segalink on Twitter. He has been quite vocal about police brutality, helped rescue victims who were unlawfully arrested as well as those who were extorted. He also at some point called for an End to SARS. Truly, Sega has played a very pivotal role in amplifying a call to a change in the attitude of the Nigerian police.

However, Sega has raised some point in the past few days that make it seem he is not too comfortable with the direction of the ongoing protests.

A few tweets, now deleted, points out that he believes the movement has been hijacked by a group of people who had nothing to do with it in the first place. At some point, he tweeted a logo of the Feminist Coalition and said these are the people who have hijacked the protest. You might be wondering why Segalink has it out for Nigerian feminists.

Well, a brief background as to why this is going on is the fact that Segalink has had a bit of a bumpy ride whenever it comes to his take on different matters.

Sega’s recent actions might not be far from the fact that he had a few online clashes with some self-identifying feminists on Twitter. This incident happened earlier in the year when a lady named Seyitan accused artist, D’banj, of rape. A lot of ladies stood behind Seyitan and called for justice to be served. Along the line, Segalink got involved in trying to get justice for Seyitan, but some people along the line claimed he had been compromised and was not acting with sincerity.

All of this was happening while the feminists were also sourcing funds and trying to get justice for Seyitan. Eventually, he released some tweets claiming some of the feminists were giving false information and were causing trouble. The back and forth started led to the creation of the Feminist Coalition and can be connected to the current issue between the two.

Some of the ladies he had a run-in with are now heavily involved with the Feminist Coalition.

Whether its LGBTQ+ rights or feminism, his takes have left a few quite befuddled and also made some people see him as someone with an agenda. However, it seems Sega’s run-in with feminists in times past is one of the reasons why he cannot seem to get over the fact that they have been one of the most active groups in the ongoing protest.

In some of some tweets which are now deleted, he called the feminist coalition a group of cultists and anarchists knowing fully well the connotation of that word in the Nigerian society. Many however are asking how a group of women who have provided food, legal and medical aid to the same cause you were fighting for suddenly became the enemy?

However, a few people do feel Segalink was slighted in this protest and was not given due recognition for his works. Twitter user @Franeb wrote;

“Do not discredit Segalink.

That Man has been very helpful to thousands of Nigerian youths.

He may have his excesses but you cannot overwrite what he has done in Civic space especially to end Police brutality.

Sheath your swords, we have a common enemy. Focus.


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