These are the 13 states Biafra agitators want from Nigeria

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has revealed the number of states said to be a part of the Republic of Biafra, if they break away from Nigeria.

The IPOB has also declared that Biafra is not for Igbo-speaking people as there are other people who do not speak Igbo but are part of the Biafran Republic.

In a statement signed by the spokespersons of IPOB, Emma Nmezu and Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya, the group pointed out that in the present-day Nigeria, Biafra cover: Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, and Rivers states as well as Igbanke in Edo State, Igala in Kogi State, and Idoma in Benue State.

The group noted that from the list of states, it is obvious that Biafra is not only made up of Igbo-speaking people but is rich with variety and diverse cultures.

“During the war of genocide levied on Biafra by Nigeria and Britain, there were brave Biafran soldiers, field commanders, scientists, civil servants, technocrats, musicians/artists, and astute journalists/broadcasters who were not from Igbo-speaking areas of Biafraland,” the group saod.

“Biafra is a nation where different languages are spoken but irrespective of the varying languages, the people have a common value system, four market days, and a unique traditional clothing (two-piece wrapper) for every Biafran woman.

“It is instructive to note that Igbo is just one of the languages in Biafraland. Even the Igbo language has different dialects as someone travels from one community to the other or from one state to another state.

“Biafra is not about the Igbo alone but Biafra is a blessed nation of people with common value system.

“The public must ignore and stay away from anyone or group that equates Biafra with Igbo.

“The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is not for only Igbo-speaking people and will never be for only Igbo-speaking people.”

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  1. one nigeria
    together we stand ,divide we fall

  2. there faith of our great contry lies in our hand,
    we can fix thing right through christ that strength us

  3. This Is DEMOCRACY,
    BIAFRA Is Not About Kanu Becoming The President,
    Is About Freedom,
    it your boy Nwa Ezza,

    Made in BIAFRA.

  4. Biafra is coming soon I cant wait to see biafran I heard on 30 may 2020 was the decleration date of Biafra

  5. Let’s say the truth!we are biafar because that’s our land and forefathers’ land before we are born. The one that pain me the most is what rightfully belong to us an outsider is the one giveout and enjoying economy while biafar are suffering. Biafar u ppl can hear me loud and clear we must open our eyes very well to bounce back on what rightfully belong and we must declara enough is enough to nigeria this time because no time to check time and we better pack to our right.

  6. The present government in Nigeria has not been able to stand up for anything, but instead they support the killing of innocent lives just to satisfy their urge for Nigeria to become a Muslim country…. it’s not possible…
    Biafra has to stand on its own.. because since this present government is squandering our resources.. we want to make Good use of it go ourselves…
    #United for ever..?

  7. free nmandi KANU they need independent let them go

  8. biafra must come 2019 if buhari want it or not, we are here to fight with our blood

  9. Biafra must hold in 2019 if so called nigeria want it or not


  11. If the so call Nigeria is not an Egypt let them let the Isrealite{Biafra} go. As for those Akwa/cross who don’t support our promise land{Biafra}they are all fools up up Biafra

  12. Udo Obong If the so call Nigeria they are not Egyptian let them let the Isrealite {Biafra} go. They know that they can’t survive without Biafra as those Akwa/cross who don’t support our great Nation they are fools up up Biafra.

  13. we(biafrans) are tired of staying under of rule illetrates, we need our own republic , if you dont like it go to hell

  14. In God we trust and is his that know the best solution to nigeria

  15. Am Prince Dabman Amadi-What ever God Almighty has destined to be, must surely come to pass.,even the Angeles can never challenge Almighty God, I want to make it clear,Buhari is a toy ,compared to Almighty God. So what God Almighty says ,stands. If he(Buhari) say he is bigger than God Almighty, he and his whole armies with their weapons will not last a night.In my opinion, we don’t need to fight, the lord is our strong hold, all we need to do is to pray a simple prayer for God Almighty to fight for us. Just 3days fasting ,with 3 sticks of candle and the name of Buhari and his killing machines written on the body of the candle, lit the candle by 12 noon call on the Angel of the lord who fight’s for Christians (Arch Angel Michael) 7times to do to Buhari and commanders ,what they did to Biafrans that are agitating peaceful without guns bombs, conclude the prayer with the name of Jesus in Hebrew (Yeshua) within 7days you will see with your own eyes,they will not be found in the land of the living anymore. God Almighty is the highest weapon you can use in defeating your enemy.


  17. I am TIV man from Benue state,Nigeria should be one, America have morethan 50 states.

    1. It is good to have this coment here.
      Am a TIV Benue guy. Point of correction, if you want Biafra republic good, but why involve other people who are not ready for Biafra? like involving Idoma.

  18. Whether people like it or not biafra biafraf carry on, If u hate biafra, u better go and die before your time, biafra one love.

  19. you must really be a fool. so the Hausa’s/Fulani’s value their cows more than the lives of their fellow human beings ,I won’t argue with that statement but come to think of it the Igbo’s or so called Biafra nation you are routing for,your stupid brain didn’t stop to think of how they value money more than the lives of their fellow humans. This same people are ready to kill their own parents, siblings and their relatives just for money. And you think your own case would be exceptional, my brother sit down and rethink your life. I am not trying to justify the evil acts of some Fulani herdsmen here but take note it is better I protect my life and properties (including my cows) than for me to use people’s body part for money rituals all for the hunger and thirst of wealth and power. it clearly shows you are from Benue (food basket of the nation),some of you said you rather be slaves for Biafrans than to remain slaves for Nigerians ,have you stopped to reason why only Benue state was picked from the North central,its only because of your resources. they are doing it just to exploit your resources and labour as they’ve always done all for their selfish desires.
    I can’t really pour my heart out but I would end this by urging you all to rethink.
    #united we stand divided we fall
    #stand for peace and no war

  20. Give BIAFRA FREEDOM and watch for just 1year and see if u can differentiate BIAFRA from JAPAN

    i am ROLAND PASCHAL A.K.A Jay Bliss

  21. D north shld goooo but Delta will never eveeer be biafra.

    1. Ona little boy. The coup plotter and executioner in 1966 is from delta state, why then was it called coup by igbos?

  22. I’m an idoma but I fully support Biafra… Is better to be a slave in d right place than to be a slave under another slave…. Biafra my father land we come

  23. I believe God not by power nor by straight ? but by God grace Biafra will stand on there own. Nigerian hear this voice if any thing happen to our leader Mazie Namdi Kanu hmm it will not still end give us what we want

  24. To hell with IPOB,to hell with biafra,to hell with dis animals called ibo,to hell with ur illeteracy,mind u,KOGI is north central,we don’t support biafra,we r nigerians and proud ones at that.u will see poverty,sufferness,death,just like d time of ojukwu.Animals,ur place is the bush,nd in the bush the most stinking Holes.happy hell so called Biafra.(God forbid)

  25. Now let me school y’all.. If your fathers died for biafra, it now up to you to choose your path don’t force ppl to belong by saying there land were ones biafra . If my towns men use to be nigerian I can decide to be who I wanna. The ibgos were neglected by north majority of hausa/fulani now face it biafra will have a majority of ibgos and the minority only have there say while the major will have there way which will lead to the same neglect . So sad I wish biafrans the best, but allow each man choose his stand for my old men are dead. Now I choose my path and it does’nt matter if my house was the biafra armory, so stop showing me your territorial map for you said you’re forced to be nigeria don’t force me to be biafra ….

  26. You Igbo, don’t call Catastroph and distruction of the life and communities of your’s ! JUST Pray for PEACE and one great nation (NIGERIA) !

  27. Biafra I don’t know. I am from Benue state and I am idoma but I don’t support Biafra.

    1. The people dat lost their life during the time of the nigerial civic war were too numerous,so we dnt it to recap itself again,so biafra we need peace.


    1. Very stupid u guys haven’t learn ur lesson for de first time i bet u dis war u will regret it hahahahaha……

      1. u don’t even have manner

  29. please igala idoma don’t agree with these so call ipob, you will be turn to slave.

  30. u guys want die again u want suffer loss again ok oh

  31. Because of oil you guys want biafra in 2030 oil we be nothing brother i am a midde belter but the will i see is that idoma in benue they are the only mulism element in the state because others (tiv) they are 100% christian. So if you idoma guys are calling for biafra what of your brothers that are mulism:D:D:D:D

  32. Bro IFB Jadambu: the holy Bible says,seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all this things shall be added to you.

  33. Akwa ibom and crose river is formidable peoples of biafra do not be decieve.if biafra comes we all we go check up if you are with zoo blood we will send you back to the zoo devilish not worry you will belong to anywhere you agreed in.because they will be check up after acheiving our holy nation

  34. For how long shall we remain slaves to good-for-nothing self-acclaimed “born-to-rules” in this Fragile marriage of Nigeria? The more we hope to get up, the deeper down the drain we go. All due to the mismanagement by the “born to rules”. We must take our destiny in our hands now and emancipate ourselves by praying and working for the actualisation of BIAFRA. I am cross riverian. All hail BIAFRA

  35. cross rivers akwaibom you are like your fathers betrayers but this time you will fail am for biafra and GOD is with us as of d day of isrealite and egypthian we must go so i will also fight for my country biafra up you down nigeria we are unstopable

  36. Love you Emmy

  37. why bayelsa,but do u know even this biafia the main founder is a bayelsa man,but we don’t even talk but this so call igbos continue makeing noise,well we have niger belta andwe are contented,GOOD PEOPLE OF BAYELSA ALL HILL NIGER DELTA I IJAW,but i can only join biafia on one condition if i could get #500,000 in my account in the next one week am in all hill biafia my account no 4054114011,fcmb

  38. am happy dat we so be free from de animas dat is ruling ous thank God for kanu Whom Stood For Ous

  39. Jesus want us to separate with those evil doer called muslim b4 his 2nd coming, up up biafra!

  40. BENUE is fully for BIAFRA.

    We cannot stay with Murderers. Housa/Fullani are muderers. They value their cow more than human being. The do not embrace development.

    They have cause lots of bloodshed in this forest called nigeria. Nigeria is under big course. Is only God that will deliver Nigeria.

    Am from Benue State, and am ready to fight side by side with in favor or BIAFRA. It is better to stay with sensible people that than to stay with senseless killers who value COW to human being. Nigeria is so corrupt that, I don’t think there is solution to the problems in this Forest call Nigeria.

    I will fight for the actualization of BIAFRA with my last blood.


  41. Stupid People Are D Ones Saying Kogi, Benue Nd Cross River Are Nat #Biafrans…
    All Hail Biafra

    1. BENUE is fully in support of BIAFRA. Our forefather have been misled by the so call “One Nigeria”. This is a very stupid ideology. We cannot be part of Murderers who value Cow to HUMAN BEING.

      BENUE cannot be part of Word Terrorist like Hausa/Fulani Herdsmen

      We are peaceful Christian Nation. We are Biafran.

      ALL HAIL BIAFRA!!!!!

  42. Stupid People Are D Ones Saying Kogi, Benue Nd Cross River Are Nat #Biafrans…
    All Hail Biarsa

  43. Let biafra go d Fake people, piracy peo,.producing fake drug in d country, let dem go

  44. U guys are all fools,i pray make them give u your biafra so that u can go eat your oil,AMEN.

  45. I want Biafra up biafra

  46. Akwa ibom and Cross river can never be part of so call biafra, we are serving a living God ( JESUS) beside I am proud of Nigeria my country, we don’t stop you guys for biafra but don’t mention Akwa ibom and Cross river because it will not work

    1. You’re just a carnal man, and carnal men like you always end up being so poor and foolishly

    2. Lord Dan or whatever they called you do you read history at all. better wake up from sleep.

  47. I have read all the stupid post here but I know you all biafra to know that Akwa ibom and Cross river can never be part of biafra, except everything state will accept the living God but till death I support Nigeria my fathers land, one Nigeria great people, real Akwa ibom boy

  48. we don’t have to fight for anything, after all after d the first war, there was an agreement that after 60yrs Nigeria should let Biafra go and bcum a country of their own, its more than 60yrs now and they don’t want to let go… its no by force to be a Nigerian o

  49. which idoma???? no let me swear 4 u

  50. Ur talking of phillip effiong that fought for biafra, what business dose today’s Cross Rivers/ A ibom has with 1960s Effiong?? pls count calabar out of this so called biafra oo

  51. Hmmm my name is emmanuel, tiv guy 4rm Benue. After going true all de rubbish post, nd comment i observe dat every black monkey is speaking his mind. Everybody is saying let’s fight, let’s fight but no one knw whom fighting will favor hahahaha i laugh in Spanish… U c as 4 mi, i will reader preferr one Nigeria. Nd also pray 4 peace. I no it is very difficult 2 leave wit all dis stupid Muslims dat woshep idols nd call it god. But pls u people should not divide Nigeria let stay as one Nigeria nd 4gv each other felt nd 4get. plss oo am begin Nigerias. Not by fighting one another. Morover we ar already bless wit or without them so i c no need of fighting. I pray to god dat Nigeria stand as one. Nd also c us true dis difficult times.

  52. my people, I greetooo we can’t rest or else our right is giving to us.

  53. I love biafra more than expected how i wish i have gotten all it takes to join the race for the actualisation of biafra but i can fight for biafra by prayer for those fighting against biafra they wasting their time because trying to stop biafra is like trying to stop the wind which is impossible may CHINEKE bless biafra my name is arinze from orlu

  54. Nigeria must be one. Amen

  55. No big deal, one nigeria one nation. Amen

  56. Ha ha ha ha who say Biafra wil not go the person should just show he or her face and i wil show the person paper gooooooooooooooooooooooo Biafra

  57. My name is prince 4rm imo state, in owerri to be precise. This biafra issue, i bliv after d war frm 1967- 1970, from then til date which is over 58 yrs or thereabout, we’ve bin fighting over dis biafra, bliv u me dat wit d tins happening nw, biafra is around d corner, bt all we asking GOD is dat it shud come peacefully, no more wars. Xo my fellow biafrans i urge us 2 kip praying 4 dis country cos we nid libration out of dis country called nigeria. Tanx & God bless.

  58. EDO state we can’t spt biafra we are not ibo and we are not biafra we are nigeria my father land god bls my muda country

  59. Nigeria must be one

  60. Idoma’s are real Biafra’s even before the civil war they were addressed as Biafran’s by the British.

  61. History had made us to understand that in the year 1967 Gowon declear war to the whole eastherner nd not the igbos only so i want to let u all understand that every state in the east are all biafra states and if u doubt me u can go nd read history about the state under biafra during the war,if i thought that Ojukwu got biafra when he decleared it am sure u won’t be talking about the exception of akwa ibom nd rivers in biafra.

  62. Sometmes i wonder why the akwa iboms count off their states as not being part of biafra, while Philip Effiong was the second president of biafra who took leadership from Ojukwu when he flee to ivory coast and he is from ur place ,u sound as if u are having a serious issues with the igbos,pls feel free to express ur feelings,i mean the bad igbos did to ur people ,if any.

    1. Akwa ibom and Cross river can never be part of biafra, we are serving the living God, so if you guys think we will support biafra na lie. One Nigeria great people, Akpan uyo in case you don’t know, holy ghost fire biafra in JESUS NAME AMEN

      1. Akpan you are slave you don’t know where you come from? may chukwuokike abiama strike you to dead Esseeeee.

  63. U guys should take it easy bcz it is easier said than done.

  64. well,.it is good to here that biafra are not only ment for igbos speaking people alone ”but”here are my questions?
    How comes biafra?
    How was the name biafra originated?
    Who has the upper hands of this yet to come biafra as a country?
    After ask our self this questions then i will advice us to think of it for,,biafra is oreginaly draft out from a topical igbo languge it is today that igbos are saying biafra is for 13 good state not only for igbos but i say i mean i say if biafra is created today igbo will be the ruleing dynasty and divtion will still ocure again
    As for idoma &igala why those spesific tribe out of those state??there is something nigeria must know we are middle belt and can nither join igbo or housas not even yourba but middle belt nigeria been a captiv under should not border you guys and it can nither be a thrate to join you

  65. My brother, late maj. Orkar say that one day him people will be free from north, he tell his people (tiv) that we are not from the north but east with biafra we say yes. rip uncle ;(

    1. Ur r mad u r d biggest fool of d century…is it bcos we idomas kip shut n allow u pple maltreat us dat y u saying bullshit? God punish ur generation idiot

  66. Biafra is a good nation, but among benue people idoma are mulism element in benue, why tiv people hate idoma because of that.

    1. Igbo People Should Do Something About This Issue Plz. Benue Must Be A Part Of Biafra That All We Want.

      1. Just 4 d edo people,biafra is not begging 4 population to exist,as at 2008,republic of the gambia was 1.5million,d newest country,south sudan when created was just 1.8million so u can c that only imo state is more than enough to be country.we know that most of edo communities more oduduwa than biafra.guy think

  67. baifran people dat doesn’t whant my state Bayelsa to be in peace ra fouls

  68. Biafra can not create angels in order to be different than what you are seen around you today in Nigeria. .The best is think on how to build better our own gotten nation. NIGERIA Bonny.

  69. baifra is a country that has been lost but now found,and God has promised us the land, and may his will be done amen.

  70. Lrt them follo rigt channal for biafara nation .because war is not advice to you guy.

    1. my father die for not stop telling me about so call Biafra

  71. I,m from Abia the lion of Biafran nation says St.Duke John.
    ….Nigeria is pregnant, sooner she will bear a son stronger than her. Lets unite and fight inorder to get our destination of peace.

    1. you will live and see your great grand children….iseeee!

  72. Attention!
    ….I’m John Duke Nwazuo: the Biafran strong man that stands! Give ear to our right pursuits, either peace or pieces Biafra must stand! Oh Nigeria! Give way for us!

  73. no brafra 4 dey 2 state A/ibom and C/river state..caused we get our own capital

  74. caused C/river state and A/ibom state get our own republic…to say uyo and calabar go dey under Igbo na lie..exsa capital of Biafra go dey in uyo 4 first tym..be4 we allowed.thank name na calabar calabar

  75. Let forget,we Idoma Is in Biafra no going back.In Biafra we Idoma’s stand

    1. idoma are always fools do u tink wen u join biafra u will hv a say? u people should always tink wise, Igbo are trying to use I gala n idoma to get wat dey want, i know igala are very close to Igbo bt dey should nt allow igbo to use dem, one Nigeria for life

  76. We the people of benue we has respond and we are ready to go (tiv) with biafra, think God

  77. we Idomas are solidly behind the actualization of sovereign state of biafra……..with biafra we stand……. long live biafra.

  78. There s no penticostal christian who know God will agree wt seperation in Nigeria Gods agenda is unit if Ojukwu d greatest war lord in Nigeria could not actualise Biafra no body in this country can do one tenth of what Ojukwo did Instead of thinking of making HEAVEN they making unnecesory noice What is in Biafra that is not Nigeria There are bad and people all over Biafra agitators think twice and face ur God b4 is too late Thank 4 d govment of Nigeria but my original President is God who will not fail me or u in any part of Nigeria Biafrans pls look unto Him & bury ur agitation & let live like WAZOBIA brothers & sisters Long Nigeria Giant of Africa.

  79. We re tired for this Nigeria,we biafra people remember that we re one because of that we need to come together and stand for our biafra country,what I know is that whether devil like it or not BIAFRA COUNTRY must stand for it own forever.

  80. If Odumegwu Ojukwu is still alive, He would never support this your course!
    the reason is that, he know how it was as the commanding troops against Nigeria then.
    He had his reason for seeking Biafra country then.
    But Nnamdi is just fighting for his own course.
    If it should be granted (Biafran State) he will automatically become their president.
    most people are fighting blindly…

  81. How I wish our leaders agree to Join the Biafra struggle. Because Living in Nigeria with the absence of Biafra is like hell on Earth. If the entire Benue refuse to Join let my Idoma people join. With Biafra I stand!


  83. Biafra Must Be!! Weather The Enemies Like It Or Not Our Promise Land Biafra Must Be Actualise In Jesus Name Iseeee.Don Castro Is My Name.Aka Biafran Boy.

  84. This Lawal guy is a full. I cnt even comprehend his kinda grammar. I weep for nija. Biafra must stay. Biafra is not only Igbo it’s a geographical area with Similar cultural heritage. I can not leave with animals,COWS. Na by force?

  85. Biafra is not a problem. u will get Biafra but on one condition. All the Igbo people should go back 2 their land. where ever u there are. go back then ask 4 BIAFRA.


  87. If u are a 2rue citizen of biafra,on 30th may,2017 stay ahome nd pray 4 our members who died 4 d sake of biafra nd also 4 our independence .

  88. u fuk shit by saying dat lgbo people are eating human flesh

  89. Nigeria If My Head Wil be enough to stand biafra,pls am pleading wit u take it my father wil be proud of me and proud of biafra,all hail biafra!!!

  90. Biafra has always been nd will always be a nation of its own….only if it can go in peace…bt from wat i see it cant go in peace. Hence it has to be taken by force

  91. Biafra is the future giant of Africa and the future power for Africa I love this great country

    1. my name is Pius zapheniah please Nigeria live this people go pls with net peace in this country

  92. my names remains anyaleze chimamkpam samuel i am a biafra so stop commenting nonsense here fuck you all haters of biafra……all hail biafra

  93. we are fighting for the old Eastern region of Nigeria to break away. If you can’t stay then pack and lived Biafra land.

  94. plz u guys should remove kogi frm biafra bcuz in our history we have not known of eat human flesh.

    1. take my boots off when i die oh Biafra, send clots to the camp, give my gun to some one earls to fight for Biafra, Biafra take my boots off when i die !! BIAFRA ALL THE WAY #

  95. mumu who told u igbo dnt have oil go to ur google even make research b4 the easthrn land exist igbo have oil in their five states crud oil coal gold nd many more ok dnt tink we re comng to take ur oil aftr de biafrans re relaaxd ur mouth wil swallow ur eye wit shame nd see wat de igbo get


  97. Please stop deceiving yourself .The tribes you are claiming can never stay together due to your selfish interest.I understood who you are.Always you think you are the master which is not.

  98. Biafra is nigeria helper we hav try our best to teach nigerias hard walking but the refuse that is their forth BIAFRA MUST GO MUST

  99. U fools tink of Ur life not a country first ask what is war and u wil see hw it end so pray for u to see 2moro an hav a peaceful life an pray for Ur family not Been greedy with biafra or no u will work noting is free so pray 2 all mighty Allah

  100. If at all Biafra will stand, pldase count Akwa Ibow state out from Biafrans state, because we will never never haue any thing to do with Bifrans.

  101. Last time I check, ibibio, Efik, Boki, Iyala, Idoma, Igala, Igbos are Heeboes or Heebonians/Hebonians. Hebonia was an ancient name of these tribes. While Nigerdeltans are Ijaws/Izon, Urhobo, Itsekri, Isoko, Kalabari, Ogoni. NIGER DELTA and HEBONIA make up BIAFRA as a geographical expression made by the Portuguese in the 1425. That is BIAFRA is 592 years old in Africa as a geographical expression, while Nigeria is 103 years as a geographical expression too. Heebo was as old as Igbo, Ibibio etc, but Heebo came to be since 2000AD, but Heebonia/Hebonia came to be in 1952, while Niger delta came to be in 1956, and BIAFRA as a nation came to be in 1967. And Oduduwa came to be in 1958 , while Arewa came to be in 1966 after the first military Coup.



  104. behold a rising sun dat darkness can never apprehend GOD BLESSED BIAFRA call me Nwa Biafra

  105. Biafra u are well come, my name is Biafra first son

  106. Udoh 4frm A’lbom Naija Delta Republic We Struggle For

  107. Biafra we start

  108. All Hail Biafra,land of The Rising Sun Biafra Must Stand Through Christ Who Strenthen Us, ALL HAIL BIAFRA!!!!

  109. Comment Name samson godwin I know Nigeria must remain in one forver people were trying to bring distraction agains Nigeria ar foolish they don’t know there way they play like goat Igbo people claim that they get sense. They want Nigeria to seperate bcause of the Oil they hav. I belive that sense wil not work in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

    1. u are an idiot we have oil what’s the sense there if we want to go with it… God knows why he gave it to us.. asshole

  110. Biafra or death!!! that’s where we stand

  111. I pray, we all live to see the separation of Nigeria. since her federating units have never got once been federated. carry your biafra and go. I hope you guys can live with yourselves in your biafra. because I see it resembling the Nigeria of today except that the wealth can easily be evenly distributed. u will have your ‘Hausa’and your ‘Yoruba’ I wonder if you will trust yourselves, I wonder if you will not drag power and sideline a minority, I wonder if the Iraq and Igbo will not clamour for power and if the calabar and a/ibom will not be like the Yorubas and just watch the feud. may we get what we wish for.

    1. God is with Baifrans we can never be like Nigerian atall u will live and see

  112. Comment:Long live Biafra, Long live her leaders……..
    Am still murning the death Ojukwu, the man i called “Biafran Moses”. Because, behold the promised land, and Moses gave-up.

  113. If you are from the southeast&southsouth and you do not support biafra,then you are a foolish coward
    Note that you lack sence of belonging

  114. If you are from the southeast&southsouth and you do not support biafra,then you are a foolish coward
    Note that you lack sence of belonging

  115. I buru nwa afo, cool down ma gua edere m a: Biafra ga bia. Ma odi otutu aka d’ike ndi adighi acho ka anyi laa buru ndi bu mba nke aka anyi. Ma lee unu amala jiji ma o bu itu ujo obula n’ihi na ndi ofe-mmanu na ndi zombi na ndi mba miri adighi aghota ndu anyi aka n’ihi na anyi na ha abughi otu ndi. Biko ka unu nwe anya nko ma guzo sie ike na nweta nke ala Biafra nke anyi. Abu m igbo, biafra bu ebe amuru m, asusu m bu ugwu m.

  116. Comment:we re read 4 biafra

  117. Comment:instead of Biafra I prefer naija delta republic

  118. Comment: my good people of Biafra whether devil like it or not d land of promise God himself has given to our fathers it most come to pass in Jesus name amen may God bless people of Biafra

  119. Comment:nnamdi by name I love Biafra so much,pls pharaoh let Biafra go

  120. Comment:despite am a disabled person i don’t care give me gun and i fight and die for dis of my beaultiful biafra nation.

  121. Comment fuck biafra fuck nigeria stop prayin TO die forbiafra pray dat dey will get money to bury u

  122. All Hail Biafra, My Name Is Unugo Ugonna I Will Support Biafra Till End Of My Life

  123. Comment:long live the great biafrans may the Almighty God grant us our heart desires in Jesus name Amen. Buhari has no power over the chosen one’s weather he likes it or not biafra has come to stand. All thanks to all our heros who ‘re in one-way or other helping to bring our country back to existence may God touch each and every one of you in Jesus name Amen

    1. My name is lawal ithink d people that a saying they wnt create biafara they so stopid anad mad go and ask elders what happon in the last biafara war and if that stopid ojuko He died that i well ask to go and ask him what happened that time all i want u to no is almeatry Allah gather as one nation one nigeria we dant depend on any humanbeing we depend Allah the protector he will protect Nigerian from u evilnes the way ojoko u will die the way dog is dearyiny we preying quick recover to retorn to his country ameen

  124. Comment:it is only uncivilized fools dat will be making noise: the name nigeria is a fraud if any part wants 2 go nigeria should allow dem go it is not force 2 stay 2geda afteral we are in democracy and every body has human right. If u hate igbos dis much y do u still want 2 stay in nigeria it s not force nigeria is caused nation it can never get any better

  125. Comments Biafra must stand who say Biafra can never have freedom will go and first tary rope on his/her nake before you will come and stop Biafra because God have already blessed Biafra before you .My name is one love together

  126. The strong determination to opt out of Nigeria by these egocentric igbo people could be best described as both uncouth and uncalled-for campaign. When jeg who is more related to them was there they did not cough or probably they kept this issue at the backburner but now I find that these villains have developed a newfound interest in segregation, so now they’re making some gusty move. I don’t think you can succeed in this.

  127. Comment:ya gazie ma si anula ogu biko umunnem

  128. Comment:Those that want to die to stop BIAFRA, i assure you, you will die o but BIAFRA must come soon. All hail BIAFRA, the land of perseverance :

  129. i m who i am, those say them go die for biafra are fools n liar if what to die go and hang ursef, all wat we wat is God intervetion if is to create biafra we make the nation good God knows, so pls eveboby should be praying for the better of nation nor shattered, be bless one 9ja Saint j say so.

  130. Comment:make all of una shut up una yeye mouth , una don c wall b4. no Niger delta go go with Biafra keep that in mind. as for d north na only una get this country? eh only una b Fulani herds killers, boko haram weti. Biafra will b actualized but not in this era it will take probably 300years so make una no make yeye noise here. no b person send maj . k. nzego to plan d first coup in this country n it lead to civil war , which u guys never recovered from .

  131. Comment:my name is yusuf im 4rm north n i wil do anytin in my power 2 stop biafra

    1. Comment:for what reason……..(oil) thank you for being foolish

    2. Comment:U are a full,idiot without sense,mumu see U must die b4 Biafra u don’t knw dat De more u think u are stoping Biafra, De more it is moving higher. All hail BIAFRA.

    3. Yusuf my lirrl boy, how are u? have u earen today? well u said u are ready to do anything #WITHINYOURPOWER but tis so unfortunate there’s nothing within ur power hahahaa

  132. Comment:my name is bade I am an ijaw boy. am 4rom gbaramatu I am ready 2 die 4 d Niger delta republic. wit d last drop of my blood

  133. Thanks a lot for this. I would humbly like to let the ones who always stupidly say that Igbos are coming to take the oil in the south with their Biafra agenda, that the igbos have oil in all their five southeast states: Anambra, Abia, Imo Ebonyi (Edda) and even in Enugu by Uzowani, Ehalumona, Ugwuoba, etc. With this said, I would like for every Biafran of the then eastern region to come forth boldly and support Biafra because it is our only hope for a better future for us and for our unborn children. Thanks! And all hail Biafra—the kingdom of God on earth!

    I know some people might commit suicide because of this eye-opener but before they are about to do that I want them to bear in mind that we also have gold in Abia. The northern jihadists thought by refusing the mining of the oil in igboland that they would crush us economically but God almighty used their refusal to reserve the oil for the time Biafra would emerge. Oh! I think I will stop here cos I have revealed too much.

    1. Comment:yusuf why die trying 2 stop biafra which u cannot. better die for arewa republik abi u de fear say hunger go kill u dia

  134. Thanks a lot for this. I would humbly like to let the ones who always stupidly say that Igbos are coming to take the oil in the south with their Biafra agenda, that the igbos have oil in all their five southeast states: Anambra, Abia, Imo Ebonyi (Edda) and even in Enugu by Uzowani, Ehalumona, Ugwuoba, etc. With this said, I would like for every Biafran of the then eastern region to come forth boldly and support Biafra because it is our only hope for a better future for us and for our unborn children. Thanks! And all hail Biafra—the kingdom of God on earth!

    I know some people might commit suicide because of this eye opener but before they are going about looking for the rope they will use I want them to bear in mind that we also have gold in Abia. The northern jihadist thought by refusing the mining of those oil in igboland that they would crush us economically but God almighty used their refusal to reserve them for the time Biafra would emerge. Oh! I think I will stop here cos I have revealed too much.

    1. God bless Biafra Republic….. Enough is Enough to humans with great brains to b lead by COWS .GOATS n RAMS

      Republic of Biafra has com to stay…..

  135. Comment:my name is odinaka ejike am an igbo boy am 4rm imo state nd am ready 2 die 4 biafra wit d last drop of my blood.

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