#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Laycon, Ozo, Nnegi and Dorothy already showing some star power

Where are stars born? You ask any red blooded Nigerian this question, and they will probably tell you that the Big Brother House is a good place to start. Over the years we have seen some of the most entertaining people emerge from this show, and go on to have illustrious careers. Building off of the fame they had garnered while in the house.

As the first day in the BBNaija house draws to an end, you can tell already that this trend is going nowhere. More stars are likely to emerge from the show, and we might have just gotten a glimpse of the starting point in these upcoming stars’ careers.

Let’s begin with the dark horse Laycon. Pulling up to the show, with a costume straight out of a Michael Jackson video, Laycon has managed to pull a legion of fans to his corner, without him even knowing it.

Ironically, it began with fans trolling him on Twitter, with jests of his costume and later on, how he doesn’t fit in. Just look at how tall, well built, light skinned, educated and wealthy looking some of the other male contestants are, and you will know why fans were going hard on him.

Laycon doesn’t fit the bill, and it is this reason, perhaps, the fans have found themselves endeared him. He is an underdog, an anomaly and a misfit, and Nigerians relate very deeply to that. Also videos of him rapping has many viewers impressed. In all he has people’s attention, and it’s left for him to leverage it properly.

Dorothy is yet another housemate that has also stolen the show. Her smile, her body, and her charming personality have all made her a topic worth trending. Fans can’t seem to get enough of her, and honestly she looks like one of those characters that can go all the way.

One thing is for sure though, if she maintains this energy, she is likely to go really far in the game, as she already has a good foothold to begin with.


Ozo came in packing a lot of heat. This housemate has been a subject of discussion since he set foot on stage owing to his impressive resume. In a nut shell, he is genius who also happens to be a Casanova. In fact he appears to be every ladies dream.

He however seems to be on the cool side and it’s uncertain if his looks alone will take him far. On the flip side, if he does show the audience some layers to himself he will most likely continue to drift on an upward wave.

And lastly we have Nnegi, who shot from 15 thousand followers on Instagram to over a hundred thousand in one day, and it’s thanks in no small part to her exceptional beauty. Well she is an ex-beauty queen, so it is to be expected. Tales of her childhood and being an orphan that she narrated today may have also played a role in dragging the fans towards her, but whatever it is, it looks like this diva’s career is on an upward trajectory. She won the Head of House games today making her even more of an interesting character.

On the other side of the fence, Lilo seems to have grown fond of Eric, even though they’ve basically only known themselves for a couple of hours. Both housemates have been enjoying each other’s company all day and seemingly can’t be separated.

Tagging them Leric, this relationship might eventually serve as the spring board to take them a long way in the house.

In all day one was eventful, and the housemates this season shows a lot of promise as we wait for more bonds to be formed, more strategies to be revealed and more fun moments to happen in the BBN house.


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