#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Dorothy tells Ozo he is childish

Monday and Tuesday in the Big Brother Naija house this week seemed very hectic for the housemates owing to the numerous bouts that had taken place. Thankfully, Wednesday held a different vibe. And these set of housemates proved that they don’t need to be toxic to be entertaining.

Yesterday was all about conversing and unlocking layers of themselves. Some housemates showed us that there is more to them that they’ve previously let on.

Love tales

Coming into the house, a few of the housemates admitted that they were most likely to get involved in a relationship than anything else. So it’s not unsurprising to see many of them warming up to each other.

There is the relationship between Lilo and Eric, which for the most part seems perfect. But asides these two, every other relationship in the house seems like a complex and puzzling entanglement.

Ozo and Nengi

Arguably one of the most complicated affairs in the house, these two are yet to solidify where they stand. While they continue to play games with each other, Dorothy, who at some point was a character in this tale, had an interesting take on their relationship.

According to her, she feels as though Ozo is scared. Ozo and Dorothy had a lengthy conversation, where Dorothy claimed that she has noticed Ozo going to some length to avoid Nengi. She told Ozo that, that it’s childish, and she suggested that Ozo man’s up.

Ozo, on the other hand, explained to Dorothy that he is just trying to untangle himself from whatever triangle he has gotten himself in.

Neo and Vee

A new entry into the complex ship category, these two who initially seemed to be doing great, now find themselves a little bit perplexed in their relationship. Granted, Neo and Vee’s relationship is no where near as complicated as Ozo’s and Nengi’s, however they seemed to have hit a speed bump and are still trying to sort it out.

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Kiddwaya and Erica

Talk about cute! These two have been serving us nothing but couple goals since the later half of last week. Their conversations are the most interesting of all the couples, and they are just down right cute together. But speaking to Laycon today, Erica made a revelation we never thought she could. She admitted that she is simply sexually attracted to Kidd and nothing more.

In a conversation with Laycon later on, she told him how she prefers a mental connection over a physical one, and if Kidd didn’t look the way he did, she might have absolutely no attraction to him.

She also stated that some of the relationships she has, in the past built, as a result of being sexually attracted to someone, never ends well.

She earlier admitted to Kiddwaya, that she can’t date someone like him, someone who has too many ladies around him.

Diary Session

The dairy session continued today, and asides telling Big Brother how the task was coming along, some of the housemates had some interesting things to say.


Tochi seems to have a problem with the way a few housemates behave. Specifically, he referred to Ka3na, Lucy, and Kaisha, all of whom he told Biggie that they love to attack.


Ozo reiterated the point he had made to Dorothy, on trying to detach from Nengi. “I think I will take a step back.” He stated

He however admitted to being confused and sought advise from Bigge. At which point Biggie asked him if he was in the house to find love or win the money. He picked the later, and seemed to have some clarity after giving his answer.


Speaking to Biggie, Tolanibaj seemed to be in a good mood. She credited praying and putting on make up for the way she felt. She spoke about the incident the day before and reassured Biggie that she is not one to take nonsense. She also gave insight on how Ka3na’s had been antagonizing her from week one, with side comments and cheap jabs.

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Tolani’s dairy session

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Unlike Tolani, Laycon admitted to suffering mood swings trough out the day. He later told Biggie that his mission in the house is to have fun and promote his music.


Ka3na admitted that the whole debacle the day before made her feel bad. She told Biggie that she loves to cook, and uses it as a way to feel fulfilled, so it really hurt her that after putting in so much work in the kitchen, that some of the housemates spoke to her that way.

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Ka3na’s dairy session

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The guys channel their inner femininity

In preparing for the Thursday task presentation, some of the housemates have expressed confidence that they will win, while others are not sure of their chances. Biggie put together a game for the housemates and it was a complete disaster. They failed yet again, but as a result of breaking the rules.

The housemates were tasked with cleaning the house in groups, alternating turns between the two groups.

Ironically, this did not dampen their spirit as the guys decided to have fun with their costumes, putting on the  ladies wigs and amusing themselves and the audience with it.


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