Thought Experiment: Does Nigeria need a dictator for the next 20 years?

I would take control of The Armed Forces and suspend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I will delete all the other elected members of the Senate and House of Representatives as well as all the governors. Essentially, I’m going to be the strongest and only person in political power. I will immediately appoint a new boss to head the EFCC and the Central Bank. The two agencies have to immediately solve the problem of the Economy.

We will shift our foreign reserves away from the USD and maybe push for a regional currency in line with what ECOWAS has been planning for years. The naira will be devalued and all the restrictions on the naira will be taken away.

The EFCC will charge everybody to court. Everybody in the country to court, well not everybody but you get what I mean. New capital projects in the names of new prisons will be taken up and everybody found guilty of financial crimes won’t be pardoned or told to return the monies. They will be sent to jail for at least 25 years and all their properties as well as properties of immediate family members will be seized.

We move on to religion. I will reverse Sharia Law in the Northern states that practice it. I will also make noise complaints a serious offence. Don’t disturb me with your church crusade music or your call to prayer by noon or any other time of the day.

I will dump huge amounts of money on education. I will also close down a lot of universities and secondary schools in Nigeria. I will call for a total revamp of the curriculum and I will invite top teachers and educational heads from China, Japan, the US, England and Germany offering them lucrative deals in the country.

I will appoint a new head of the Police; a Nigerian that has Interpol experience and will work on restarting the police force.

Oh Oh Oh! I will fire the whole civil service and call for everybody to reapply to work in a new civil service. Proper interviews will be done to eliminate ghost and unfortunate workers that are looking for a free buck.

I will not be a President, I will be a dictator. I will force the country to go through stages of development it has missed out on. I will try to rework relations with the Eastern part of Nigeria and I will make child trade illegal. The literacy rate in the Northern part of Nigeria has to go high.

I will look to move the system of Governance back to the British style or maybe the system used in Switzerland.

After 20 years, I will quit.

Leave Nigeria.

Never return.

I will have either done a good job or I will have further broken the country.

Tell us in the comments section, what would you do if you were the President of Nigeria?

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  1. I Lead a coup that will end this filthy republic, order a decree that will create two independent countries from Nigeria right from the central states down to the whole south of the Niger river will be known as “federation of the gulf states” while the north will retain Federal Republic of Nigeria, as a gulferner(citizen of the gulf states republic) I will immediately set up transition government for a new constitution and three federal capitals for the executive, legislative and judiciary.

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