We need to be sensitive | The Daily Vulnerable

by Otonyesia Fubara-Manuel

Some people might say that the world is getting too sensitive. The funny thing is that I agree.

Yes, the world is becoming too sensitive because we are tired of pretending that we are okay. We have excused a lot of hurtful things on the guise of “it’s just a normal thing” and it’s time to stop. A lot of us have deep pent-up traumas from things that happened in our past which we haven’t healed from and the sad thing is, we don’t even know we are hurting; we don’t even know that we are not fine.

We think that we are okay until something or someone triggers us and then we explode. 

We get verbally abused for being fat, femme, and short and even for being a virgin and we let people get away with it because we don’t want to be too sensitive. We get harassed and bullied at work and we say nothing because we don’t want to be too sensitive. We see other men downgrade women, slut-shame, sexually harass but we turn the other way because we don’t want to be the “that man” but it’s time to get sensitive. 

When we aren’t sensitive, people don’t learn. When we keep quiet, people don’t unlearn and we all need to unlearn the ignorant things we grew up with.

To mention a few, we need to learn that violence is not only physical and physical violence isn’t fun, but we also need to understand that making fun of people isn’t fun for them and we need to learn to apologize when someone says “I don’t like what you did to me.” Don’t argue, don’t defend yourself, just apologize. Don’t touch a woman without her permission, don’t assume she might like or she gave you the nonverbal signal. I have had to learn that no matter what, I am still a man and I need to know my limits. 

Yes, the world is too sensitive and there is nothing wrong with that.

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