Twitter Roundup Xtra: @Denrele_Edun fires back at the ‘haters’

by ‘Ifreke Inyang [@Ifreke]

Denrele Edun, the eccentric OAP who moved to Channel O from Soundcity, isn’t usually a mile away from controversy.

And on Wednesday, the wild-haired (wild-everything!) fella engaged some tweeters in a fierce exchange of abusive tweets. Here is an excerpt of the back and forth. Go on, you’re allowed a Saturday morning guilty pleasure…


@Rastatwitarian: Denrele seriously irritates the shit outta me!

@DENRELE_EDUN: Eeya! Wat do we do now?At least u knw I’m alive,sori who r u again??

@Rastatwitarian: Haha dat nigga @DENRELE_EDUN salty as fuck! ugly ass Loser sits there searching for people who twit about him!pussy nigga! fuck outta here!

@DENRELE_EDUN: Eeya! All cos ur boyfriend called out my name whilst u wr riding him! Claws in wildcat!

@Rastatwitarian: @DENRELE_EDUN BTW its 8pm in america so u d one who has no fucking business @’ing anyone who states the obvious!! You ugly fuck!ewww

@DENRELE_EDUN: Who give u Visa to enter Yankee?Italy tire u? I feel for u! Gotten ur 5mins of fame!

@Rastatwitarian: @DENRELE_EDUN ur pathetic ass is known for being a lunatic! If dats what fame is about u can shove if up ur ass!Not dat dats anything new 4u

@DENRELE_EDUN: Awww! Ur exhibition of mediocrity is so shameful,I could wipe out 100% of ur beauty wit a face towel!

@DENRELE_EDUN: @Rastatwitarian Ehen Bingo! Go and sit ur withered boyzquarter dwn! I undastand hw rejected u feel, life must hv thrown stingy pricks ur way!

@Rastatwitarian: @DENRELE_EDUN Get ur skinny pathetic dirty faggot ass outta my mentions! Nd Take a shower & shampoo ur gottdamn hair before u go out next time

@DENRELE_EDUN: All ur future children will resembl ME!! I’m fastin/prayin on that! AMEN

@DENRELE_EDUN: Eeya! All cos ur bf called out my name whilst u wr riding him!

@Rastatwitarian:  Haha bitch because ugly is d new cute..right!

@DENRELE_EDUN: By d way,u wr scratched out of a recharge card instead of childbirth!

@Isantium: @DENRELE_EDUN wasere,correct lasgidi boy,finish dis wayray @Rastatwitarian jare.

@DENRELE_EDUN: No mind am, she dey find fame for twitter! I don give am! Omo Italy. Olobo wa gba si!

@Rastatwitarian: @DENRELE_EDUN ur pathetic ass is known for being a lunatic! If dats what fame is about u can shove if up ur ass!Not dat dats anything new 4u

@DENRELE_EDUN: Ur father keeps pleadin 2shove it up my ass,wat a shame! He aint gat game!

@DENRELE_EDUN: @Isantium @Rastatwitarian The last tym I fingered her,my thumb wz diagnosed wt tetanus! Olobo! Wo nu igbo jo

@IyAmJeanhadu: that girl insulting denrele is saying everything ive been meaning to say to him……….. thank you rastawhatever.

@DENRELE_EDUN: Awww,hw sweet! So nw I’ve given u 10secs of fame, wat nxt?

@Rastatwitarian: @DENRELE_EDUN. Take a muthafucking sit u “Child star tryna stay relevant” lookin ass..kiddie vision101 ended ages …

@DENRELE_EDUN: Sweetie I started showbiz at 12! U’r jst startin ur life and on twitter?? I laff for ur drippin clit

@Rastatwitarian: Hey yo @DENRELE_EDUN u are no joke! like I’m not even trying to be mean or nothing but you look DIRTY!

@DENRELE_EDUN: And u look lyk u nid a graveyard urgently!!

@DON_DINOZZO: Is dat fag Denrele responding to all dis insults??…cant see the bitch’s tweet…apparently,he..she…he…she  has long blocked me

@DENRELE_EDUN: DownLow fucker! Abeg cari ur microscopic prick waka! Twitter aint for Pry5 sized cocks!

@CoCoOyVeS: But @DENRELE_EDUN can insult poo lmmaaoo jesu

@DENRELE_EDUN: My Luvv, na jeje I siddon o wey d airhead begin dey talk! Make I dey look am?

@Rastatwitarian: Yo @DENRELE_EDUN cat got ur tongue nigga?? chocked on a dick nigga?? why u aint saying shit nomore tho??lol

@DENRELE_EDUN: Asides 4rm d fact that al ur future kids wud look lyk me, ur husband wud screw u wit my ass in his subconscious!

@KITTYANO: Those dudes insulting the girl for Denrele…….hmmmmmmm Adodi ni won

@DENRELE_EDUN: Watch what u say b4 u end up walkin into empty space for a long while!

@Rastatwitarian: LOL @DENRELE_EDUN said im looking fo fame..nigga i didnt even @ ur ass..u d one searchin for people who twit about you!what a fucking looser

@DENRELE_EDUN: Finally I gave small meaning to ur nonexistent life! 5mins of fame?10 followers! I laff at ur mediocrity!

@Rastatwitarian: PSA do not include d word “denrele” in ur twits..dat nigga out here searchin and shit! hide yo kids!!! This tweeter strees aint safe foo!lol

@DENRELE_EDUN: Banke Desperado! Even her handle sounds lyk a Vic-O tune!

@DENRELE_EDUN: I don’t read d news,I make d friggin news! If ppl dnt talk ur talk,then they dnt acknowledg ur existence! Im stil laffin my head off! Na wa

@DENRELE_EDUN: Wrong Impression; a lotta ppl dnt know hw thick skinned I am! I have braved reforms&a totally negativ society to toughen it out in d industry!

@OloriSupergal: Denrele Edun’s twit fight will make headlines .Dont say I didn’t tell you.

@DENRELE_EDUN: Iwo l’omo! Bt true that,I alwyz make d news!

Everyone in this conversation needs a hug, no?

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  1. Denrele is definitely gonna come read this blogpost. I reserve my comment.

    But then the write-up is interesting, I missed the tweetfight that day, nice job guys

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