Short & Sleek: Twitter Roundup for 28 November to 3 December

By Ifreke Inyang [@Ifreke]

Gbagaun of the week:

@KingAyisoba: “I have tribe mark, why am need a national ID again?”


@MaiAtafoInspire had a great weekend and he told everyone about it. “I had a blast @ Face of Sleek last nite. Mad fun & I worked d best team ever. @wizkidayo killed it. I even became his backup singer & dancer.”

@Ik_Osiakoduwa was probably singing and dancing in the marternity ward. He tweeted: “Tweeps my wife and I just had a baby girl. She’s awesome. Thank God for his mercy.”

@Tunji_O wasn’t thankful for the disturbance he was getting from his roommate. “As my eyes were shutting..2 beds away, some orobo roommate decided it’s best to play Igbo gospel & sing along right nw. He’s big, I’m small :(“


@dumme_bwoi was not in the mood to share. “This my younger broda has worn my jeans out again. He will come bk and collect hot slaps!”

“Homosexuality is now a crime? Awesome! Maybe we can kill all homosexuals and use their bodies to fix our roads,” @TheFakeEsse tweeted, less than impressed with the anti-gay law that the senate passed.

Arsenal lost to Manchester City in the Carling Cup and @TymeoutwithTeeA had an opinion to share. “Truth be said, we don’t have the depth in our team to chase all this competitions. So the earlier we narrow our focus the better.”


@afrotunes’ concern was the newest trend in fashion these days. “WTF? First skinny nail polish & lipstick? I won’t be surprised if men start wearing skirts in 2012. Wait…Kanye already did that!”

@adeolaboss  was an angry student. “God Punish dat heartless short lecturer, she will not teach but she go set questions dat she can’t solve!”


@obasolape  tweeted: “Amazed at my speed at reading books these days; sadly it’s coming to the end of the year, couldn’t  meet up with my resolution.”

@EddieMadaki had a different idea to share. “What’s wrong with drinking every day? Esp in dis Abj heat, any excuse to get out ice and vodka is righteous under dese conditions.. sigh”


For @alldyoss, it was about restraining himself. “Really wish I can discipline myself so much as to not consume alcoholic beverages dis weekend make these drugs work.”

@Prodeegy allowed paranoia take a hold of him. “I’m having serious headache, but I’m scared to use panadol in this town. It cld be chalk, who know! I don’t trust these Igbo people.



@wemi0000 was working this weekend and he was misearble. “When my mates are attending weddings or sleepin at home, I’m here working. kmt!”

@Somakudi played the role of the jealous sister. “My brother replaced his bbm dp from a picture of me to one of this unknown girl. I am very unhappy.”

@MsJazzyfied was happy that students from her department graduated. “Finally! Medical students graduate again from Igbinedion University! *excited much* This set has been in Uni for more than 7 years o!



Gbagaun of the week: Have your pick!

@KingAyisoba: I have tribe mark, why am need a national ID again?

@dope_ville: In other news am feeling hunger.

@OsaigbovoOdiase: If you arent a footie fanatic pls dont criticism our passion

@OtunbaLamba: Dear fine geh in front of me, I pray u we seated togeda in d plane

@F_Jay1: Fergie should bought a midfielder at January o. Ehn ehn.

@CrazyTweets: Jst head Banky W song. I am love him

@Ghettosnub: Is president jonathan have å children sef???

@Sabi_Boy: Who knows what did Arsenal Played???



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Rant of the week:

@cheezy4weezy: So my aunty has been kidnapped!!!! Kai! NigerDelta o! D bitches r asking 4 a ransom… God punish dem! :'( :'( :'(
Tweet of the week:

 @stewie_emahh: I don’t understand people that pay cab fares to a cyber cafe …just to sit there for hours watching porn. Can’t you say ‘no’ to Satan???

Seriously tweeting:

 @Ogagus_: Your phone number is your handle! The “P” wey u dey find no be from this side at all!

 @SUBverified: Pls if u follow Mysboss or knw som1 dat does, kindly ask her if she’s Mentally 9yrs wit a 26yrs old body?why do people take Life P?!*smh*

Quote my tweet:

@MajorBoy8: When I Become President it’ll be a felony to mention words like Rozay n Hennessy more than once in an entire song

 Did you miss this tweet?

@OreFakorede: Auntie, your mouth is a deathtrap! Can’t you smell your own breath and advise yourself to invest in some mouthwash?!!







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