#TheVoiceNigeria: “If Davido was a participant, no judge would have turned”

Tonight marked the 5th episode of The Voice Nigeria, Season 3 and it’s safe to say that tonight’s episode so far has been the toughest to watch.

With the numerous rejections and close calls, it made this episode a nail biter, and it would be safe to say it may have upset some of the audience.

I watched tonight’s episode with my mom who is an exceptional commentator viz; a funny commentary, that gives the family something to laugh about as the show progressed.

However, her impatience with the judges and their decisions became apparent, as they rejected one contestant to another. She kept trying to rack her brains as to why the judges were being so tough. At some point, it seemed like every contestant she had high hopes for were not selected by the judges, and mid way through the show, she couldn’t wait for the episode to come to an end.

Every time a contestant hit a high note, she sat and remarked enthusiastically, “This one is talented, they will turn,” with her hands on her chin and what I imagine to be so much expectation in her mind. So you can imagine her dismay and near-distress when no judge turned for three straight contestants, after which that sad background music hit for each of them.

She couldn’t help but sympathise with the young men and women whose morale and I dare say singing dreams may have been shattered by the judge’s disapproval. It was at this point she made an interesting remark that sparked an agreeable conversation amongst everyone in the room.

“If Davido had come for this show, no judge would have turned, but look at him today.”

Of course, she followed this up with words of encouragement to the contestants whom may have heard her from the screen judging from how passionate her words were.

“Davido might not win a singing contest but he has done a remarkable job in winning the hearts of millions all over the world.”

The ‘real reality?’

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