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Michael IsaacJanuary 18, 2021

Give yourself space | The Daily Vulnerable

My friend, TY Bello came to do a Joy masterclass with us two years ago where she said “the one ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 15, 2021

Surround yourself with people that offer you grace | The Daily Vulnerable

I made a tough decision a few days ago; we had to let some people go because they hadn’t performed ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 14, 2021

Do you know who you are? | The Daily Vulnerable

Do you know who I am? In Nigeria, asking that question is often interpreted as ‘do you know how powerful, ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 13, 2021

Your views are allowed to change | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo There are a lot of doctrines I don’t believe in. Some people think that there is one way ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 12, 2021

Stop chasing after perfection | The Daily Vulnerable

One of the reasons I got reluctant at some point about preaching in Churches is that people presumed that since ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 11, 2021

There is nothing shameful about being human | The Daily Vulnerable

There are people reading this now who are going through pain and whose hearts are hurting. To some, it may ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 8, 2021

Dancing through life | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo There is a song by the Nigerian musician, Lagbaja, that I like. It encourages me to ‘dance, move, ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 7, 2021

Acknowledge your emotions | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo When something I don’t like happens to me, I acknowledge it. I write it down and make it ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 6, 2021

Building new habits take time | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo Seven years ago, I had a bad habit. Whenever I was lonely, I reached out to people on ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 5, 2021

Exercising power over ourselves | The Daily Vulnerable

Most of us have agencies. We have a space within ourselves where we can assert ourselves and exercise power, including ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 4, 2021

It’s always within your power to choose how you show up | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo It’s the first work day of the year, isn’t it? Knowing several people, you are coming with gritted ...

Michael IsaacJanuary 1, 2021

New year, new … what? | The Daily Vulnerable

New you, yeah? Well, how has that worked for you all these years? For much of you, not very much. ...

Michael IsaacDecember 31, 2020

Are you thriving emotionally or merely surviving? | The Daily Vulnerable

There is a concept from the research of human flourishing, that we call emotional survival at Joy, Inc. It is ...

Michael IsaacDecember 29, 2020

Coming short | The Daily Vulnerable

Shortcomings are not the best thing to think about at the end of the year – so we were made ...

Michael IsaacDecember 24, 2020

Does the situation honour you? | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo That business you’re doing, that jog you’re going to every morning, that person you’re toasting, that husband, that ...

Michael IsaacDecember 22, 2020

Every problem you have is your responsibility | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo Every problem you have is your responsibility regardless of who caused it. Now, it sounds very simple, but ...

Michael IsaacDecember 21, 2020

“Penetrating, Intense…” – 2020, a year in review | The Daily Vulnerable

By Ado Aminu Some of the most intense – both feel and repercussion wise, experiences I have ever had in ...

Michael IsaacDecember 18, 2020

Be grateful, even to your addictions | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo and The Daily Vulnerable At the Joy retreat that we do, I said to someone, who was struggling with an ...

Michael IsaacDecember 16, 2020

Happiness comes from being proud of yourself | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo and The Daily Vulnerable Someone asked me the other day, are you happy? And usually I will pause ...

Michael IsaacDecember 15, 2020

Dealing with loss | The Daily Vulnerable

By Jeffrey Ejekhine I have had to deal with one of the hardest losses in my life at a very ...

Michael IsaacDecember 14, 2020

Road rage | The Daily Vulnerable

By Daniel P Road rage happens for two reasons (mainly), I think: Driving vehicles is dangerous, and Driver interactions are ...

Michael IsaacDecember 11, 2020

Happiness comes from being proud of yourself | The Daily Vulnerable

Someone asked me the other day, are you happy, and usually I pause before I answer that question even though ...

Michael IsaacDecember 10, 2020

Hope-Fool | The Daily Vulnerable

By Guest Contributor It wouldn’t be a good idea to jump out of a plane without a parachute and hope ...

Our Journey Is JoyDecember 9, 2020

Every problem you have is your responsibility | The Daily Vulnerable

Every problem you have is your responsibility regardless of who caused it. Now it sounds really simple, but to practice ...

Michael IsaacDecember 8, 2020

Running | The Daily Vulnerable

I remembered a lesson recently. It is that what you’re trying to run from will probably come with you. The ...

Michael IsaacDecember 7, 2020

We need to be sensitive | The Daily Vulnerable

by Otonyesia Fubara-Manuel Some people might say that the world is getting too sensitive. The funny thing is that I ...

Michael IsaacDecember 4, 2020

Feedback Friday: “I want to be in community” | The Daily Vulnerable

Thought to share one of the most powerful feedback we received from this community. In response to: Take care of your ...

Michael IsaacDecember 3, 2020

Dealing with bad outcomes | The Daily Vulnerable

by Jeffrey Ejekhine I used to hate making bad decisions, and still hate them though. Sometimes, I think things through, ...

Michael IsaacDecember 2, 2020

Love reveals deeper truths | The Daily Vulnerable

by Guest Contributor Have you ever felt rejected when a friend or loved one didn’t call you back, canceled plans ...

Michael IsaacDecember 1, 2020

Shortcomings | The Daily Vulnerable

By Guest Contributor One lesson my recent experiences have taught me is to be more patient with the shortcomings of ...

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