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Ado AminuMarch 24, 2021

3 LGBT+ Nigerians share the story of their gay awakening

“The onus shouldn’t be on queer people to come out,” said YNaija’s Bernard Dayo while responding to this piece we ...

Ado AminuFebruary 15, 2021

Nigerian gay couple share how they spent Valentine’s Day

Public discourse about romance in Nigeria never goes beyond the socially acceptable love of cis-heterosexual (cis-het) Nigerians, and why not? ...

Op-ed EditorNovember 11, 2020

On the street of heartbreak | #TheYNaijaCover

As with all trends on social media, young Nigerians always have things to say. Experiences on heartbreaks and relationships fallouts ...

Ifeanyi OgboJuly 14, 2020

#YNaijaNonBinary: Death comes for everyone, love should too

The current world population as of July 2020 is 7.8 billion, and all 7.8 billion of us, are going to die. Whether ...

EditorJuly 9, 2020

The NFVCB is obsessed with conformity and it is stifling the creativity of Nollywood

It is hard to understand what the motives of the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board are in its interactions ...

EzinneDecember 22, 2017

The Thread: This is one love story with the saddest ending possible

Regardless of how Biafrans like to romanticize war, there’s nothing good about it: blood is spilt, generations are wiped out, ...

EzinneDecember 11, 2017

The Thread: “Hey! Akara and bread girl” | This Nigerian Cinderella story will blow you away

We have to tell you straight up: we love love; so when we encounter stories where everything just falls into ...

ToluDecember 2, 2017

This couple celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary and Instagram couldn’t stop falling in love

Their daughter took to Instagram to share a beautiful message that has us running round the street, screaming GOALSSSS! … ...

EditorNovember 29, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] It is not Toke Makinwa’s job to make anybody’s daddy service his debts

If you’ve been following the entertainment and gossip blogs, then you’ll know Toke Makinwa is back in the news. This ...

EzinneNovember 6, 2017

The Thread: How do you say “I love you” in your language? Here are 3 amazing ways

Language is such a beautiful thing, and love even more so, that the great Michael Jackson sang “love is magical”. ...

EzinneOctober 28, 2017

The Thread: “Never be afraid of new beginnings” | How to fall in love again

??We’ve got the fever! December is around the corner, and for those in Naija, it’s prime wedding season. That means ...

EzinneOctober 28, 2017

The Thread: “Twitter relationship standards and real life are miles apart”

It’s relationship Saturday, thanks to Cardi B who set the ball rollig with her surprise engagement to offset last night. ...

EzinneOctober 27, 2017

The Thread: Twitter Ladies are challenged to ask their crush on a date. The reactions are epic

Some days ago, we featured a lady in our Noisemakers piece who bragged about snagging herself a husband by “setting ...

EditorSeptember 25, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] Nakhane Toure’s new video is all you need to see today

There aren’t that many openly Gay African public figures, especially in the entertainment world where the projection of heterosexuality can ...

EzinneSeptember 21, 2017

The Thread: This is the saddest love story you ever read

They say love comes along once in a lifetime, so when people are privileged to have a love like that ...

Bolu AkindeleSeptember 10, 2017

[The Church Blog] Morning Devotion: The Gift of Love

Happy Sunday. Enjoy! The gift of love is in giving and forgiving .#igatchu #LoveGod #Lovepeople #loveyourself #thestarhub A post shared ...

AzeezSeptember 9, 2017

Flavour was the first man I fell in love with – Anna Banner

Former beauty queen, Anna Banner who has a child with singer, Flavour has said she still love the artiste. In ...

Op-ed EditorSeptember 1, 2017

Opinion: Conquering the debilitating menace of sickle cell in Nigeria

by Gideon Arinze   Until the government steps up measures to tackle sickle cell, it will continue to ravage the ...

Op-ed EditorAugust 28, 2017

The Thread: These are the consequences of playing games with a woman’s heart

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is the saying people use to explain the acute differences between ...

EzinneAugust 26, 2017

The Thread: How my boyfriend caught me cheating

Call and Response “Children, children” “Story, story” “Story” This is the story of Mandisa. https://twitter.com/Amanda__Mandisa/status/901455589150162945 Settle in: https://twitter.com/Amanda__Mandisa/status/901457482777755649 https://twitter.com/Amanda__Mandisa/status/901458062241931264 https://twitter.com/Amanda__Mandisa/status/901458745942835200 ...

EditorAugust 24, 2017

[The Church Blog] Morning Devotion: Rejoice with others, you are next in line

Rejoice with others; you are next in line. Love is the Oxygen of life. Rejoice with others, You are next ...

Op-ed EditorAugust 11, 2017

Opinion: Heartbreaks are miracles

by Ona Amanda Eze Usually, she would spend so much time conversing with him over the phone or in person. ...

Op-ed EditorAugust 5, 2017

Opinion: Falling in love is overrated for this singular reason

by Isa Eneye Mubarak People often ‘fall in love’ with someone they think is their life partner without necessarily knowing ...

EzinneJuly 26, 2017

The Thread: These are the worst break up stories you’ll ever read

Twitter is a mock up of the best and the worst of virtually everything; e.g, relationships, politics, misogynists, the list ...

ItunuoluwaJuly 17, 2017

Ladies: These are the 7 things your man really wants from you

The male species are a genuine source of confusion to the women folk, regardless of how much they might pretend ...

Op-ed EditorJuly 16, 2017

“Why I’m a Christian (and continue to suck at being one)” | 5 things we learned from Benjamin Sledge’s article

Ever found yourself stumbling about Christianity, not being quite sure footed on a number of things? Garret Rapp is just ...

Op-ed EditorJuly 2, 2017

“The man you overlooked while you were searching for the perfect husband” 5 things we learnt from Phylicia’s article

Every single woman is on the hunt for the perfect husband. Phylicia has news: the perfect man just might not ...

EditorJuly 1, 2017

Love Lesson: Trying to Beygood doesn’t mean you know less

by Alexander O. Onukwue The lyrics of Jay-Z’s new album have flooded the internet and like leaked exam papers, everybody ...

ItunuoluwaJune 19, 2017

10 tips on how to be an awesome 21st century dad

So, it was Father’s Day yesterday, the only one on the world calendar just so you know. Chill out,  this ...

ItunuoluwaJune 9, 2017

How to flirt like a Pro: Dos and Don’ts

Flirting. It’s the beginning of it all, the age long ritual of boy-meets-girl that is sometimes conscious and most times ...

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