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ItunuoluwaJuly 4, 2017

How not to act on a first date | 7 mistakes that will send her running

The first date. There’s something low-key scary about it, for the girl and definitely for the guy. For the guy, ...

ItunuoluwaMay 12, 2017

How to know if a guy is really into you

by Itunuoluwa Adebo In the quite interesting world of Boy-meets-Girl aka relationships like you call them, there’s always the tendency ...

ItunuoluwaMay 4, 2017

How to slide into her DM’s 101… Like a boss!

by Itunuoluwa Adebo Yes! I personally commend your courage and guts for wanting to take the very tricky step of ...

June 22, 2014

AMAZING: 3 guys do it like Beyoncé in dangerous high heels (WATCH)

by Zara Mustapha The video of a three-man dancing squad giving the performance of their lives to an excited audience ...

June 6, 2014

7 things to discard from your wardrobe

by TNN     No doubt loose clothes are still in fashion. However, girls fail to understand the difference between ...

May 28, 2014

7 crazy things that happen while you sleep

by Paige Fowler       You start to wake up in the morning and realize you can’t move a ...

April 21, 2014

What would you do? Rapper, Ice Prince to perform at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding

by Zara Mustapha   Rapper, Panshak Zamani popularly known as Ice Prince  may have had too much on his plate ...

April 12, 2014

True or false? 16 girly things guys (absolutely) love to do

by Alex Rees I make high pitched noises and lose control over my body when presented with tiny kittens. Safe ...

April 7, 2014

Adaobi Okwy: No guys, today’s women cannot be like your mothers (Y! Superblogger)

by Adaobi Okwy Let’s back up now men shall we? When you say you want women like your mothers…I think ...

April 6, 2014

Two can play that game: 8 (sure) signs he’s faking his orgasm too

by Frank Kobola Faking: it’s not just for women, it’s also for men who want to nap. 1. He mumbles ...

April 4, 2014

10 things science teaches us about being sexy as hell

by Eric Baker It takes 13 milliseconds to determine if someone is hot, so what can you do to make sure you’re ...

March 31, 2014

Is she playing hard to get? Here are 5 ways to know if she’s interested

by  Sarah Jacobsson Purewal She’s the opposite of an over-sharer: She’s busy, sometimes flaky, and always vague about the details. ...

March 30, 2014

Did you know? 7 deadly sins of dating

by Sarah Harrison Men are not all the same—being burned in the past doesn’t mean it will happen again in ...

March 29, 2014

The 8 types of (hot) guys we’ve all fallen for

by Anna Breslaw Like a bird-watching guide but for men. 1. Hollister Hot.  This guy could have been an extra ...

March 28, 2014

10 things guys do when they’re sick

by Frank Kobola This might be the same cold you had two days ago, but we need you to look ...

March 27, 2014

8 signs she’s lost interest in you

by Miss Tye Has your girlfriend suddenly started acting differently around you? Have you been trying to understand her actions ...

February 25, 2014

5 kind of guys every girl should have

by Madhuri Banerjee Fact: Dating has become difficult. By the time you ask people to set you up, you get ready, go on ...

January 24, 2014

Waiting for the big ‘O’: 5 ways to delay his orgasm

by Emily Morse Anyone who listens to my podcast knows that I’m all about communicating in the bedroom.  If your guy is ...

January 16, 2014

15 ways guys say ‘I love you’ without saying it

by Samantha Escobar He may lean in closer when you’re discussing important topics or nod when you say something poignant, showing ...

January 10, 2014

Don’t do it! 25 reasons NOT to get breast implants

by Dr. Nalini Last week the FDA reported that breast implants put women’s lives in danger. The big news last week was that ...

January 10, 2014

Here’s one for the guys: 10 simple ways to get a 6 pack fast

by  Oke Efagene Your abs are some of your strongest muscles – they can take more than just your body ...

January 6, 2014

7 things that guys do that confuse women

by Holly Riordan When your crush tells you how beautiful you look, it’s hard not to smile. But if he ...

November 20, 2013

She’s got ink: These are the photos Chocolate City’s Victoria Kimani wants you to see (LOOK)

by Oke Efagene Victoria Kimani, first lady of Chocolate City, the record label that houses rapper, MI Abaga and Ice ...

November 8, 2013

Where do you fall? 13 different stages of partying… by age

by Anna Breslaw AGE 14  It’s Friday!! I’m soooo excited to split mozzarella sticks at Arby’s with my BFFs and ...

October 13, 2013

6 annoying traits guys wish girls would get rid of

by Sabrina Alexis Guys are all for self-improvement, but if you nag them, they will only grow to resent you and ...

October 13, 2013

Don’t laugh: 4 crazy hoaxes guys pull to deal with romance troubles

If you’re in a relationship and make a mistake, you generally have two choices. You can either A) suck it ...

October 8, 2013

‘She want a little space’: 6 mixed signals girls give to guys

by Diana Jone If you want to move on and separate, be clear and come right out without keeping him ...

October 6, 2013

‘The “I won’t go down on you” guy’: 10 (crazy) guys every girl dates (once)

by Anna Breslaw If you find a guy who can banter on text, marry him. Just kidding, kind of! 1. ...

September 27, 2013

Don’t fall for it! 17 backhanded compliments guys give women

by Anna Breslaw “You finally look as good as you did when I first met you!”  1. “You got a ...

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