Pastor Sunday Adelaja is teaming up with Daddy Freeze. Should we be concerned?

Daddy freeze and Sunday Adelaja

One of the consequences of choosing to stay too long on a point of view long after everyone seems to have agreed with the common stand is that it will, at some point, get a little too much.

Which is exactly why after a while, we moved on. We moved on to other stories, other people, other events; rather than stay on a puzzle that had to the best of our knowledge, been solved as soon as it came up even though, it needed not to come up if most pastors had done their job accurately beforehand. And more importantly, because it’s not about us. Never been about us and never will. It’s about the church, the pulse of the Christian faith in Nigeria and the Christian belief in Nigeria.

So, recently, when I stumbled on a collabo video, from Sunday Adelaja; popular Nigerian born Ukraine pastor and Daddy Freeze; OAP and leader of the Free the Sheeple Movement, I got slightly worried. Worried, because both of them don’t have a really good record amongst many Christian folks and because it came after a recent uproar caused by a video featuring Pastor Enoch Adeboye. In the video, Pastor Adeboye had announced midway into his sermon that only tithers were candidates of heaven.

It is ironic however, that after Pastor Sunday Adelaja engages in this truth preaching which would otherwise pass for a pastor bashing session that holds regularly (almost daily) on his YouTube channel, that he would reach out again to Daddy Freeze as if to say – “We need to merge alliances and fan base against these pastors. So, I investigated forward, watched the video and I wasn’t far from the truth.

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We miss the point, however, when we make this about one man, about one church, about bashing him. We make him the enemy. This is the common hypocrisy that lies in the Christian faith in Nigeria – when we take an issue, isolate it from the root cause, then 0verflog it till it looses it essence whilst not dealing with the main issue.

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Away from the content of the video which you would have to spend about 1 hour 30 minutes to absorb fully,  the question would be – all of this fight, all of this bashing, all of these videos, all the naming and shaming; to what end, really? 

Watch the video, below.

Although, they might have had good intentions – and we reconcile deeply with it. However, this approach of publishing videos either talking about a pastor or condemning a church is unacceptable.

And with the huge number of younger people picking sides and deciding whom they will become radical fans of, we miss the singular idea that we suppose we preach. From the comments on his videos, the hero-worship they complain bitterly about is the same thing their followers are immensely guilty of. In the end, no one is right.

That being said, we wish Pastor Sunday Adelaja and Daddy Freeze the very best. We hope they figure this out, soon.

Except, again, there is more to this than these two reveal.

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