Shocking: Gay man burned alive by anti-homosexual mob in Uganda (Viewer Discretion)


Uganda Anti Homosexuality bill. Death opposed but life imprisonment just fine.

It seems the ongoing struggle to bring awareness to the plight of same sex persons in the African region is increasingly being fraught with increased disarray.

Point in case the latest photo to make social media rounds, this time first appearing on imgur of that of what the posting individual has termed gay person burned alive by anti gay mob in Uganda.

The harrowing image involves that of an individual, one assumes a gay person who has literally been burned alive. How or why the circumstances have come to be are not known.

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As the deceased lies forlorn near railway tracks, onlookers, including children look on, one imagines resigned, elated that yet another individual has been ‘appropriately punished’ for having gone against the grain of society.

The image comes off the back of a purported video that made the rounds last week including that of two gay men beaten to death by an angry mob with planks of wood. In that video image, police are seen abiding by the crowd as they continually to mercilessly beat the two men to death. In the background an ambulance is sent back on its way.

Told recently, Akinyi Ocholla, a self confessed lesbian from Nairobi who works for Minority Women in Action and is a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Association: ”Being gay in this country isn’t exactly easy. It’s not as bad as in Uganda, but it’s still not easy. But you can actually pass. If you don’t make too much noise or stand out too much, then you can live comfortably — that is, until the neighborhood finds out. Then you can’t really know what’s going to happen.”

Over the weekend Uganga lawmakers passed new laws in relation to those persons engaging in same sex. Tells the BBC:  Uganda’s parliament has passed a bill to toughen the punishment for homosexual acts to include life imprisonment in some cases.

The anti-homosexuality bill also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to report gay people.

The prime minister opposed the vote, saying not enough MPs were present.

May we ask when will these atrocities stop once and for all and why do they continue to happen and why to date has the United Nations allowed such action to persist? Surely it must be time to put a stop to such inappropriate treatment of other human beings, even if their lifestyles are not condoned by various cultural or religious imperatives in the region. Which begs the question why they are so violently condemned in the first place?


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  1. No, he was a meat eater… No, he was a communist… No, he opposed the global warming myth… No, he was a Christian… No, he was an American… No, he was killing kittens…


    This picture was not taken in Uganda. Infact, the person that took the picture has clearly come out and said he took it in the KIBERA SLUM in Kenya.

    Here is the link if you are interested:
    This was a THIEF in the Kibera Slum who was terrorizing people.
    Unfortunately, in Kibera, this is not the first time, and wont be the last time, but STOP trying make Uganda look ugly just because!

    This is NOT the face of Uganda.

    STOP misleading people. This is the problem with uninformed people with material like this in their hands, OR Someone that just wants Uganda looking bad before everyone!

    Whichever is the case, this is wrong. This was NOT in Uganda, and the two people you mentioned that were killed in Uganda with wood plunks and police looking on, and an Ambulance sent back because they were gay, THATS BULLSHIT. No one has EVER been Killed in Uganda because they were gay.

    The last case involving death was a gay person that died of a completely unrelated death, but at the funeral anti gay sentiments came up when the gay community confronted the priest that was presiding over the funeral sparking off anti gay sentiments and confusion.

    As for this picture, this is in the Kibera slum in Kenya.

    Again, here is the link:

  3. What a big fat ugly lie against Uganda! Are you homos really that desperate? Shame on you. Ugandans are capable of undressing a woman who is wearing a dress as short as a tank top,lol, but they aren’t capable of such an atrocity. Stop telling lies to seek attention. Shame on you.

  4. Seriously this was a photo of a thief burnt here in Kenya at a slum called Kibera, i see we are now twisting stories.

    1. Thief or gay guy, it is still barbaric. The world is watching Africa !!!

      1. Didnt say it was right but faking stories is wrong. This happened 2years ago nowadays lynching thugs has bigger sentences but its not as bad as America with kids killing fellow students in school, if we start watching each other for the shti we all do we will watch each other forever so lets not just generalise stuff here. This holier than thou attitude the west has adopted yet when we look at their mistakes they affect continents rather than just a countrys’ people is obscenely irritating, from turning African countries into dump sites and making illegal deals with leadership here and then now we are under some worldly microscope? A country being a sovereign state should make its own decisions plus this thing where people want to justify gay marriage i dont understand, their human rights will always stand but gay rights there is no such thing.

        1. the west are a bunch of hypocrites, but that doesnt mean that countries in africa are great and above being criticized just because other nations in the west have their issues. a country should make its own decisions, but if their decisions are oppressive and dangerous to a certain group be it race, gender, or sexual orientation, someone needs to step in and say this isnt right. justify gay marriage? youre trying to play the moral authority by justifying your bigotry through religion. that is beyond ridiculous. if you dont think gays should have rights, youre apart of the problem and a bigot p.o.s..

          1. You can abuse me all day I can take it, I said they shouldnt have gay rights, a right to marry? How are they oppressed? They arent stopped from having jobs and businesses but now you want to take something abnormal to nature, forbidden to religion and science has been unable to prove to be genetic or otherwise and now you want to make it legal? Next should we give devil worshippers the right to worship, or paedophiles the right to love? Call me a bigot if you want but something clearly written in the Bible and doesnt exist in nature and science says it does not occur naturally from Birth must be a nasty habit. Gays can live where they want, they are not denied medical or any other service, they can work or drive but whether we like it or not it is explicitly categorised as a sin so unless youre just an atheist I dont know what makes you decide that this law in your religion most likely God made a mistake so let me ignore that one and i’ll accept this other one, that is hypocrisy. If you are an atheist then we have nothing to talk about since my reason for not accepting gay marriage doesnt matter to you but if you are religious whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu show me where it advocates for gay rights? Human rights exist but homosexuals getting married legally? Are we legalising outright sins? Im not hiding behind any religious bigotry it is explicit in its law against it, it was not implicitly applied such that you have a loophole it has been forbidden so who are you to call me a bigot for not accepting that way of life. If youre atheist tell me now i stop disturbing myself my basis is mostly religion so we wont understand each other anyway and even as an atheist just google it and you will find, all these years nothing in the human gene or DNA has shown anything that males some people gay and others heterosexual its just a bad habit made acceptable by hollywood, not science nor religion nor nature.

            1. A fine example of why many are fleeing Africa to live in the west 🙂

            2. A fine example of why many are fleeing Africa to live in the west 🙂

              1. Im sure guys ran to sodom and gomorrah too for the fun and freedom but whatever floats your boat. You guys are all right whatever your point is youre right and im wrong let it end at that.

              2. Neither are right…but you enjoy making excuses for this type of behaviour…it’s no one elses fault! Make your bed and lie in it 🙂 I’ll sit here and enjoy my first world country.

              3. If you bothered to read the other comments you would have noticed I dont support mob justice but hey if being third world entails legalising some sins in order to get votes and support I embrace tgird world with all my heart. I have never felt like im lacking sooooo good luck with your life in first world, you are first world economically but morally you guys are as third world as any other third world country. I wont be bothering with this post anymore.

              4. Actually, I’m Australian and also, I did read your comments and if you bothered to stop and think for a second instead of trying so very hard to win a rediculous debate…I was referring to your gay comments…..Glad I am sitting where I am…..I repeat……….A fine example of why many are fleeing Africa to live in the west…your comments. AND if it was not for the 1st world…you wouldn’t have your little interenet access right now buddy…sooo looks like you are embracing the 1st world too…enjoy! From the 1st World…Peace 🙂

              5. Hello peopl from 1st,, i think is time to let most of you ignorance know many things,,as we ran there,, your people also come here and don’t forget if not for the good and bless of God in Africa,, why did you fore father came to slave,,i hate people proud,,i’ve been many place in the word and i knew nothing new,,you live in 1st word and many of you live unhappy and sad life,,live alone and die alone,, a lot to say about this people call themself 1st word,, manage your country,make law for Gay,, is not your problem in our continent ,, we don’t support and gay and we don’t want… every one should comem out with his mind,, i don’t hide,, i knew many big country in EU,, they never accept gay,, why US can’t force them,, stupid 1st world

              6. For all the people in the world, live your own live and don’t be to busy to find out what some oneelse does. Let the white people be white, the black people black you have to respect everbody small, tall, gay, lesbian, bisexual everebody is the same. They are al human, so when I see this picture only want to say. Mind your own bussines your country is really poor some people don’t have any food and you burn people for being therselves shame on you. You will burn them here and you wil burn in hell HALLELUJAH

              7. 1st world my ass if gays have rights. there is something called democracy where majority rules. In the countries of great, natural and beautiful Africa gays have no rights and they will never have even if you (pathetic in-religious westerns) politically force it and it is very simple,Majority rules. Mind your f****** language when you writing about Africa where nature remains unchanged. God created male and female, what gender are gays or lesbians?

              8. The Bible was used by the West to oppress black people as slaves and women as useless,now you want to use the same book to oppress gay people,The Bible states that 100 000 people will enter heaven,I doubt you will be one of them!!!,

            3. You are a very poor African, sad miserable and obviously conflicted. People use religion to bash other people. Who created religion? Keep your religion to yourself but do not post judging others based on religion. Come out in the open … Do not hide behind religion.

              1. You call it hiding behind religiin but my religion says homosexuality is wrong so if you arent an atheist what right do you have to disregard some teachings of the Bible and uphold others? Who have i bashed here? I am against legalising gay marriage have i attacked gay people here or have i been rude in talking about them? I have neither attacked anyone nor rallied for them to be denied their HUMAN RIGHTS. Call me a poor African or whatever but here there is no confusion between whats right and what is wrong.

              2. Being same sex is not right, homsexuality was condemed by God during d time of Sodom and Gomorrah based on d teaching of the bible. Having feelings for ur fellow sex is abnormal. Africa is a third world country and we condem same sex right, dat is our decision. God created adam and eve, and not adam and adam.

          2. You can abuse me all day I can take it, I said they shouldnt have gay rights, a right to marry? How are they oppressed? They arent stopped from having jobs and businesses but now you want to take something abnormal to nature, forbidden to religion and science has been unable to prove to be genetic or otherwise and now you want to make it legal? Next should we give devil worshippers the right to worship, or paedophiles the right to love? Call me a bigot if you want but something clearly written in the Bible and doesnt exist in nature and science says it does not occur naturally from Birth must be a nasty habit. Gays can live where they want, they are not denied medical or any other service, they can work or drive but whether we like it or not it is explicitly categorised as a sin so unless youre just an atheist I dont know what makes you decide that this law in your religion most likely God made a mistake so let me ignore that one and i’ll accept this other one, that is hypocrisy. If you are an atheist then we have nothing to talk about since my reason for not accepting gay marriage doesnt matter to you but if you are religious whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu show me where it advocates for gay rights? Human rights exist but homosexuals getting married legally? Are we legalising outright sins? Im not hiding behind any religious bigotry it is explicit in its law against it, it was not implicitly applied such that you have a loophole it has been forbidden so who are you to call me a bigot for not accepting that way of life. If youre atheist tell me now i stop disturbing myself my basis is mostly religion so we wont understand each other anyway and even as an atheist just google it and you will find, all these years nothing in the human gene or DNA has shown anything that males some people gay and others heterosexual its just a bad habit made acceptable by hollywood, not science nor religion nor nature.

          3. Plus we are open for criticism but being threatened with sanctions and aid restrictions isnt that blackmail? That is not criticism in any way and lets style using abuse has never gotten anyone anywhere so i dont see what you will achieve with abuse just put your point across.

        2. who in the hell are you to say that there are no gay rights? who are you? I am a gay man happily married very successful in business and employing a lot of straight, religious and gay people in our business supporting families. Who in the hell are you to say that gays do not have rights. Who are you. Can you make yourself known and not hide from this posting and show us your face and your person to justify saying what you posted. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU.. Faking is not right.. judging and declaring something like this is the worst. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU…

          1. Other than being a word that was made up a couple of years ago, I want you to google every religion that exists to man including primitive traditions that supported homosexuality at any point in history? You have a right to human rights but gay rights? Seriously? You got married under what religion because no religion supports homosexuality and marriage is all about the religious aspect of the union, the getting married under religion is what makes a union to be known as marriage so i dont get what your tantrum of who am i questions are supposed to do coz you cannot pretend you are legally married under a religion that does not support the lifestyle?

          2. By the way this is my real photo and that is my facebook name and my friends know that I have no problem with gay people I can live with gay people we can be best of friends with gay people because simple fact is they are human beings like me, but you want to say that it is legal to get married under a religion that doesnt support the lifestyle? You can run a million businesses and hire billions of people but that doesnt mean everyone will accept the lifestyle or the fact that its legal to get married Im not bothered by it but legalising it? That is not right no matter how you look at it, stay happily married and continue being pissed at me but there are things I believe in and until someone comes says the Bible was edited by people in its delivery then there are rules I know exist and even though i break some I dont try to get it legalised to feel better about myself next time I do it. I have never been intolerant to any race, religion, gender, class of people,tribe or sexual orientation even people with major past sins but the fact that it is coming to the point that we want to legalise some stuff? I dont accept, the same way people drink to their hearts content yet we know drinking is no issue but you are not supposed to drink until people find you to be a fool by your actions and words but people believe its their right to have fun until the day someone gets hurt or killed. So what differentiates this from devil worshippers asking for their right to worship? Im not saying gay marriage is in the same league but isnt it their right to worship? What about old men and children eloping, isnt it their right to love too? You are gay and married so you will never listen to my point of view i get a humans right to love but unless the marriage is under a religion I dont know then i dont support it.

      2. MOB RULES IN MANY PARTS OF AFRICA. shocking place,.

    2. Shame on you people, this is the way to treat another human being! Babaric Animal behaviour whether in kenya or Uganda This is breakdown of civil society. Mob rules! Even a monkey will think twice before burning their own kind!

      1. Had to come back, a thief struck me with a rock on the head for my phone, I couldnt attack thieves before June last year but hey me and my barbarism will light the match next time I come across that situation, I will pay for the petrol, good life man.

  5. Its good to give them time to sort out themselves other than doing this. We are nt God to judge them lets pray for one another

  6. >terrorism
    >in a war torn, desert wasteland continent

    1. It was a thief in Kibera Kenya a slum so lets not twist stories.

      1. A thief needed to something that was probably why he needed to steal. Poor country, poor region. Stuck in religion and poverty and misery. He is better than somebody like you, pathetic and judgmental poor creature you are..

        1. Phyl O Butoyi has been trying to make you learn a lesson but as he said you are mad gay and you don’t wanna learn anything. Frankly, have you being borne a gay?. Let us say even may be, but seriously, where your mom and dad were homosexuals? So how have you being borne a gay? Oh no, You wont get the point so, in your gay relationship, are you the husband or the wife? Man. Oh yea, you are not a man since you are a gay and you dont know whether you are the husband or the wife, so tell us how can you claim what you call GAY RIGHTS if you are not sure what status you have in your so called relationship? Or even in the dictionary or the English grammar is there a gender called gay gender? In American Navy they say there is DADT, so why is it taboo to talk about this so called relationship if it is OKAY and democratic. If you don’t know it is because they know these people like you are pathetic, unstable, weak, very disturbed in life and if you don’t believe me just read about Bradley Manning and what He/She (Don’t think I am doing a mistake because even the court guys were very confused about addressing that little creature) did to the CIA. There is no successful gay in this world so don’t tell as fake businesses that you run I am sure at the end you will commit a suicide so my free advice is to take your husband with you.

  7. I was about to share this as mistreatment of gays until I read the story.

  8. I wonder who Reverand Lively is? Why is everyone goin on about him? Trust me 99% of all Ugandans are just like me. This country has Catholics as the dominant religion, followed by Islam and then other sects and i doubt if this reverand had anything to do with influencing the mindsets of ugandans through his preachings. Homosexuality from days of old was a practice that was frowned upon. Men took pride in having as many wives as possible. the more wives a man had, the more respect and wealth he commanded. That is our culture, our heritage. Homosexuality had no space in the polygamous society of old. Ugandan did not vote against homos because of that reverand, although traditional religious beliefs contributed, most ugandans voted against homosexuality because it did not tally with their cultural traditional beliefs. Period. Our cultures are very important to us we can never go against them. Never. Why do you people think that Africans do not have minds of their own and are always sitted their waiting for people to tell them what to do and how to do it. Times have changed. And the world has received a rude awakening.

    1. But surley the question is, Why the shocking violence, beating people to death and burning them alive. This is not culture, this is lack of culture and mans inhumanity to his fellow man. This is base ignorance and animality. Homosexuality has existed along side Heterosexuality for thousands of years to no detrimental effect. These ‘Laws’ are evil and bring shame on Uganda.

      1. The only time this awful, lustful and violent activity has emerged in this world, God has overturned the earth on all those who became homosexuals while saving the nonehomosexuals. It was the time of Lot prophet. Read the history books, Qur’an, Bible (the old testament not the edited one) and also the Hebrew Bible in case you are ignorant Jew. Read by your self in case you wanna sea some live evidence go to the Dead Sea and visit what happened to them. Creating a virtual relationship is not valid in Africa. We can make our rules and regulations and live as we would like democratically. By the way what I believe is, this is a cover up story and something bigger than the case is going on behind the political scenes we see today. It is do as we want or we will disturb you with this shit otherwise. Sometimes you have to say NO with whatever it takes. Viva Africa, Uganda and Mozaveni.

    2. There are lots of video’s of Lively his touring through Uganda. In case your religious? Why do you mind other people bed activities? How sick is that?

      How about savage murder like shown in the picture. That will damage childrens perception more than anything else! Homosexuality has always been and will always be. Can you change your colour of skin when racists hate you for being black? Neither can LGBT as they are born that way! It’s obvious you people are still living in middle ages with medieval minds.

      God think in terms of love not in terms of gender or hate!

    3. Your hypocrite you mean that if a child of your own or a family member turn out to be gay you would kill them and tortured and beat til death because your religion says so, grow up…idiot…./

      1. There is no such thing as “IF YOUR CHILD TURNS OUT TO BE”. You should rather say “IF YOUR CHILD TURNS OUT TO BECOME”. That’s more of a choice but the correct “IF SENTENCE” Our children don’t wanna be gays because we don’t up bring them as such. Simply there is no black gay so it is that the West should stop stereotyping Africans or accept the consequences of losing the rich, pure and natural Africa.

    4. I totally agree with his Excellency President Museveni, and I admire all you brave brothers and sisters in Uganda for standing up to western influence and bullying.

    5. Just a ridiculous statement that stands no logic other than supporting prejudice. To start with, that something is traditional does not mean it’s good, but even worse when you’re criminalising people for who they are. Slavery was traditional in many cultures across the world but that argument didn’t stop those same cultures from considering morally reprehensive and finally outlawing as a basic human rights issue.

  9. That was a thief, and the people who burnt him where arrested by the Police.

    1. Unless he was a serial child rapist and murderer, it’s immaterial — they’re still un-evolved chimpanzee that should be left without First World aid and AK-47’s to fend for themselves in their shít-hole desert wasteland. They’ll all be dead in a generation or two from AIDS and just butchering each other into extinction.

      And even if he (she?) were a serial child rapist and murderer, the fact they’re letting their own children witness this sub animalistic barbarism, re-enforces my aforementioned qualifying point.

      2100 population:
      Americas – 1 billion
      Europe – 1 billion
      Africa – 4 billion
      Asia – 5 billion

      Still think it’s worth feeding The Continent of the Apes?

      1. You’re a dickhead mate, you try to make yourself sound smart but really you’re not cos if you were you’d know that the vast majority of Africa is not this way and does not behave this way, the fact that it’s a world wide story shows you the rarerity of it, you piece of shit.

        1. I’m not trying to make myself sound smart. …through text. My 170 IQ does that quite nicely on its own.

          And if you really thought the “vast majority” of Africa is civilised, you’d be championing leaving the continent to its own devices.

          But, of course, that’s the last thing the bleeding hearts want because they know deep down that thousands of years to invent a mud hut and a throwing stick aren’t exactly the ingredients for independent subsistence.

          1. my 170 IQ makes me think you are basing your opinions on the Turner diaries, not reality. When was the last time you lived in Africa?

        2. An Ape is a beautiful animal whose males don’t have sex with its other males. They know that and you don’t so don’t you call them ignorant you pathetic little creature.

  10. Not true at all…thts a thief who was burnt by an angry mob..please get your story straight!!!

      1. is it okay when American troop kills hundreds and hundreds of women and children for oil in Iraq, Afganstan etc??fool

        1. who said that was okay? strawman argument much?

  11. “end Human bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.
    Burning sanctioned by Reverend Lively??

  12. Did they “burn” the man in the name of Scot Lively and Jesus.?

    1. It was a thief in a slum in Kenya not a gay person in Uganda lets not falsify stories.

    1. You must be dumb as fuck, or just another troll, shit’s not so different in Russia right now faggot.

      Fuck off.

      1. One_He is a troll. Two_he is a ignorant troll. Three_You’re ignorant as well for calling him a faggot..Unless you meant it in a south park kinda way

        1. Nah. He’s more likely just a[other] homophobic, simian cerebrum’d nígger.

          You know, the kind that burn people because they don’t like who they fück and because they think they’re witches or bogeymen.

      2. Slavs, níggers, Jews… retards — they were only separated by order when it came to the Nazi “delousing showers”.

        1. Hahahahaha like an intelligent person cares what you think hahahahaha oooooh you make me laugh i accept your hatred with aching ribs hahahahaha like i would argue with a racist hahahahaha

  13. The picture is probably mis-attributed, but the article asks a simple question, which has a simple answer … the people with PROXY blood on their hands are the moronic, hate-filled, agents of ignorance and death, American missionaries and evangelists … God rot them … Barbara Kingsolver’s masterpiece about American missionaries in Africa, “The Poisonwood Bible”, should be compulsory reading for every evangelic Christian in the country … and yes, DatBus …Africans are responsible for Africans, but if anybody thinks that high levels of poverty and lack of education don’t make for more easily swayed crowds, I suggest you attend an evangelical tent-meeting somewhere deeply underprivileged in the deep-south of your own USA … how do you think these guys get started in the first place?

    1. Níggers have been burning “witches” to death for time immemorial — they place a vehicle tyre over them and then… Tarquinn LIGHTS THEM UP!!.

      Nothing new here. More First World aid wasted on sub-humans that should be expunged for the good of the Earth’s resources.

      1. hey man, your mom told me to tell you that she’s awfully disapointed. you’ve become a complete loser. she fears that nobody will ever find you attractive. she cries about you a lot

        1. Wow. You must see dead people like I see dumb people!

    2. If you think that Kingsolver is accurate, you are nuts. She hates evangelicals in the US, and knows little or nothing about Africa.
      Only ten percent of Kenyans are “evangelical”, about the same percentage as those who are Muslim. And most of the Anglican and Catholic churches are run by local pastors.

  14. Simple quesstion, simple answer … the people with PROXY blood on their hands are the moronic, hate-filled, agents of ignorance and death, American missionaries and evangelists … God rot them … Barbara Kinsolver’s masterpiece about American missionaries in Africa, should be compulsory reading for every evangelic Christian in the country

  15. as an American, I hope those responsible for feeding this hatered and murderous plague are held accountable, and sadly they come from my own country

    1. it is a mistake to believe that homophobia in Uganda or Africa in general is the fault of the “white man”. While there is no excuse for Scott Lively and his people, this is misleading rhetoric that is pushed on the Left. White people didn’t invent homosexuality and they didn’t invent homophobia. Stop infantalizing a people, African’s are responsible for African’s.

  16. SHAME on the editors on this page for posting something without verifying first , this picture is old and wasnt even taken in uganda and has nothing to do with gay people.

  17. Not sure if this is imagery used to support someone’s agenda and not really the crime reported, but if it is, it’s horrible. You can thank the American Fundamentalist groups for giving their culture the fuel to hate and legislate against homosexuals.

  18. Poor people. They have just came down from the trees, give em some time and they will learn, I suppose.

  19. Also amazing… little kids, under the age of 5, are front and center…. A culture of cannibals…

    1. Is that any different when americans did the same thing to Blacks less than 200 years ago?

      1. well, at least not. this time. this time black people are doing it to themselves! at least: what a stupid question u asked? any HUMAN dieing by HUMAN is TOOO MUCH!!!!!

  20. The day most of us realize that religion is designed to divide and destroy us for the sake of oligarchy is the day that SOME of us will wake up. The rest will probably be murdered by the people that want to enslave us all with religious constructs.

  21. you dumbasses justify killing people because they are gay and because people are paraphrasing a book written by man many many hundreds of years ago….when will retards learn that religion was invented as a means of mass social control and tax free income!!! love doesn’t discriminate but religion sure does!!! you idiots preach hate and then look puzzled when some student goes psycho and shoots everyone at school.

      1. What is ironic about calling out people that kill people for homosexuality when the same book says that anyone with tattoos or that eats shellfish will never enter the kingdom of heaven? Do either of those justify you hastening their journey there, or are you just eaten up with hatred for reasons that you really don’t understand?

        It isn’t about religion. It’s about political control. Remaining ignorant of that fact has been a failing of too many people that met their end for “crimes” because it was inconvenient for dictators.

  22. This pic is not of a gay man on Uganda. It was posted almost a year ago by someone in Kenya. Please correct your story. The Ugandan law is shameful, but don’t publish something like this without doing a most basic image search.

  23. is this real? the internet is messed up. i want back into the 80s

  24. So let’s recap, Uganda let’s Ivory traffickers go free (with their Ivory) but signs an anti-gay bill so that citizens can act out this kind of barbarianism? Uganda take a cue from Kenya, grow some balls and get out of the dark ages. When I visit Africa, I won’t be going to your backward & corrupt cuntry.

    1. Linda You Are Not Even Ashamed By The Fact That You Are An Educated Fool. Do Analysis Of Your Word Before You Utter Them Plus We Don’t Need Your Evil Mind In Uganda. Thanks

    2. Dear Linda Wark, you obviously must be so dim, for starters that Ivory was not from Uganda, it was in transit through Uganda from Congo heading to Kenya, (there are few benefits to reading around to get your facts right.). Secondly, you say you wont visit Uganda… dear do you think it will sieze to exist because a nobody like you did not visit it? hahahahaha….u r so silly. Your brain is so backward!!


  26. Horribly barbaric. This beastly behavior has completely nothing to do with culture and no sane person can approve this. Policy makers are as much to blame as the perpetrators and everyone who allows or ignore this. This is a symptom of a very sick society.

  27. And I freakin’ donated $5 to Uganda through Cotton On.

    1. …..psssshhh….u call tht money…

  28. I am a black man from Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. Salvador as the highest percentage of black people in The world outside Africa, as well as Brazil has the biggest number of blacks outside Africa. I stand against this shameful situation! This attempts against the human rights, this is assassination, this is insane! If you want to know what is against nature just have a look at this horrible picture!

  29. Shame on you thats a doll!!

  30. I love Africa and African People, especially Ugandans, have spent some years there and they are to me the kindest people i have ever met. so it is hard to believe that this is happening. i difficult to process. There will be a time in we all learn to respect others, whether they are black, white or pink. we are all people and we all should be trated with respect and love.

    1. its fake please, this picture is old and wasnt a gay man and didnt happen in uganda



    1. Mahlet…that is exactly what we say and think when people like you and your mentality come to our countries and expect us to change our way of living…we never asked your lot to come and set up residence in our country so please shove off and go back to your land where you might have the chance to protest in the safety and silence of your own bathrooms, if you get that luxury!!

    2. Whoever is still infatuating his mind that Africa, is a continent with no stability in-terms of ideological stand, should neither imagine of bringing development impacts nor Re-colonizing this ever-dependent land( Africa). To hell with a foul American notion!!!!!!!!!

    3. fair enough, many african nations have received billions of pounds in Aid for many many years, we are happy to leave your Africa alone, as if you actually own it, we will stop all financial and medical aid and leave you to your africa …… be my guest, don’t ever expect to step foot in countries outside of your africa as you would be refused entry

      1. fyi the west is raping africa of all of her resources including fake philanthropist psycho bill gates

        1. and that makes burning people alive, or chopping them up or hanging them etc ok, does it, for my information ?????

        2. Bill gates is raping, How?

    4. Mahlet how did Africans deal with homosexuality before Christianity (a white European religion) was forced on Africans? FYI this is not what love you neighbor means.

      1. Just thought I’d point out that Jesus was supposedly from Judea, and Christianity was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Both of these places are in the Middle East, so technically it’s not European or “white”. I’m sure we all agree however that Mahlet is an idiot and what has happened in Uganda is disgraceful!

        1. yes you are right, but it was mainly Europeans who have imposed the current type of Christianity on, well, most of the world in fact

        2. Christianity is an aborted fetus from the womb of african religion.
          there is no such thing as the “middle east” that area is really north east africa if we’re being frank about it.

        3. Jews and Arabs are both Caucasians! So, People need to understand that “white” people, really called Caucasians are any white or light skinned people. hence Arabs, Jews, Hispanics are all Caucasians.

      2. Vicky Sawyer: Who told you Christianity is a white European religion? What University sold you that bill of goods? The very 1st disciples/Christians were Jews living in Israel in the Middle East. While I’ll concede that White European Christians brought a “form of Christianity” to Africa – your statement is incorrect!

      3. Vicky While I am a Black Man and a Liberal myself, it dawns on me that there are some really stupid guilty white Liberals that are not helping with that ignorant mess. You should be a little more weary of these “evil West” narratives and realize where they come from. If you can look at a picture like this and think “how is this the fault of white people” then you really need to get a clue. Contrary to what your news sources tell you, everything is not the fault of “white people”.

    5. You certainly don’t mind taking our “white people” money do you? Say bye bye to that financial support dumbass.

    6. Africa is for Africans? Well, if u r a christian or a muslim leave the judgement to God in that case. True love is not defined by colours, looks, ages or genders. One love, one world. Education to people would be the answer to all primitive actions like this. And I hope u understand that if it was a choice they had they would for sure not choose to be gay in ur country, or what do u think? Don’t u dare hiding behind this culture talk, fuck that, it has to do with unknowledge and swallow brains. May God forgive those people knowing less thinking it is a choice to become homosexual!!!!!

    7. YESS! Finally proof that the Black man also can be rasist. If you where a white man you would be a rasist wouldnt you? Biggots go both ways. I hope more and more countries leave Africa alone, maybe we can get rid of some black rasists here in Europe aswell???

    8. Leave gay people alone and we will leave you alone. You are not exempt from the scrutiny of the world, Uganda. You must learn to respect human rights.

  32. That’s how you bring up mentally stable children, by burning people alive in front of them. Regardless of the reasons why.

  33. it’s like ‘how to make gay men can be received by you’ so the writers searched everything to make peoples believe what the writers wrote .. it’s bullshit men !!
    what the hell you are Writers !!

    it’s better if you peoples who need helps ,, the orphans for example .. ckckckckckckkk

    1. Why don’t you shut the fuck up you homophobic prick

      1. He’s not homophobic. Phobias make people scared. Homophobic People aren’t scared. They’re assholes.

  34. porch monkeys with no brain functions

    1. I hope you guys realize that the entire anti gay movement in Uganda was started by evangelical christian missionaries who went there to try and promote their anti-gay agenda once they realized they were losing ground here at home.

      1. lols ‘hipster racism’ (bruce is probably no friend of gays either) versus ‘cultural marxism’ (I knew someone would be ‘blaming colonialism’ for this).

        This is how the world ends. 😀

        1. That was such a dull and poorly thought out comment I’m surprised you didn’t fall asleep writing it. Yes it DID come from colonialism (you don’t need quotes there, by the way) – that’s an irrefutable, verifiable historic fact.

  35. I’m sorry to say this as a gay man, but where’s the proof of this story?

    1. Seriously? This story is a dime a dozen. It’s not uncommon. In fact, people can’t even be buried, their bodies dug up and thrown on their parents porch. Read a biography (or three) from survivors of this war torn country. Or just read the other similar news stories. Anyone can look at this, but only the brave can acknowledge the injustice.

  36. The evil things that men do nowaday even surprises the devil…

  37. Firstly, its not Uganda its A slum in Kibera in Kenya
    Secondly, It’s not a gay man (ok maybe but that is unknown)
    Thirdly, those people are not a mob, they are bystanders.
    Lastly, Fuck you for creating sensationalist bullshit, misinforming people and creating a more ignorant and idiotic world!


  39. If this true where did it happen? Which town? What events preceeded the so called burning of this guy? Stop lying. The fact that we do not believe that homosexuality is part of our heritage doesnt make our people barberic. Silly stupid liar. Im a ugandan born en raised, well travelled and well spoken. This story did not happen in uganda. It must hv happened in the writer’s back yard.People people people do not be too gullible as to believe everything you read on the internet. Do ur own reading dont be mislead by crude people like this stupid lying writer!!! Silly!!!

    1. true, this very well could be photoshopped and fake…and I hope it is.

    2. If you can do what you want, should others not be allowed the same, as long as it does not involve force….?

      1. Dear Socialite, please do not act so naive. U do not do whatever u want whenever u want. You live in a society whose needs superceed the needs of the individual. For example however much u r hungry u cannot break into sm1’s home to steal some food which is a basic human need. If u do, U will still be arrested and convicted despite the fact that u wr starving to death. Sexual relations in all societies have been regulated since time memorial. For example however much u want and claim to love ur parents, siblings, cousins, grannys u r not allowed to have sexual relations with them. Why? Because ur society says so. Period. In uganda u r not allowed to marry sm1 from ur clan however much u love them. We all do not live in a free world doing whatever we want and stop pretending that u do. Homosexuality even when it happened in african societies ws largely discouraged and not an acceptable way of living. You must learn and respect that our ways of life are different from ur ways of life and that difference must not be undermined but respected. U must also appreciate that your way of life is not the only way of life in the world. And u should refrain from shoving ur way of life down the throats of other societies. U will be surprised at how much further u will go when u learn the the theory of mutual respect of other people’s beliefs.

        1. There is no sexual orientation that involves fucking one’s granny, alright? You need to stop it. You will NEVER end the existence of homosexuality. It will exist IN UGANDA — FOREVER. You can imprison people, burn them alive and torture them, but there will forever and ever be gay, lesbian and trans people in Africa. You want to torture them, force them to commit suicide, burn them and humiliate them, stick them in prison and make them feel like garbage — but that will accomplish nothing. YOU AND YOUR CULTURE need to CHANGE. Guess what our culture was up until the civil war ended: Imprisoning and abusing and enslaving AFRICANS. Do you think that’s a nice thing? Would you say to me, “Well, that’s your culture, so I have no right to say anything about it, and if you feel that black people aren’t humans and don’t deserve human rights, that’s totally your prerogative” ??? NO — you wouldn’t say that, because you’d think “that’s an insane, barbaric sickiening violation of humanity and we all need to fight it” — and you would be right.

          Our culture changed. It is still a mess, and there is racism everywhere, but it is improving in lots of ways and slavery has ended, and our attitudes are progressing, We once held certain cultural ideas and we ABANDONED them. There were and are a ton of racists and Nazis who would just love for things to have stayed the way they were, who are nostalgic for the exploitation and humiliation and abuse of Africans, but they don’t have power in this country. We won’t enfranchise them.

          When I was a child, I never had a black friend, I was told they were filthy and criminals and to stick to my own kind. Later I made friends in college with black people and I found I loved them, and they weren’t filthy and they weren’t criminals. They were human beings.

          If you ever took the time to speak to a single gay man or woman you might find that you were speaking to a human being.

          1. Feeley Vee, the importance of culture is to preserve a society`s beliefs and philosophies. That is how history lives on through generations. When you allow your culture to change, you lose your identity; your cultural value systems are lost with time and eventually you will have nothing to live by but yourself. Life becomes a very lonely affair. The reason the USA has extreme moral decay to the level of some American humans marrying their animals is because they lost the thread that forged them into the state they are which is their faith in God. Please read the American declaration of independence. Culture is what makes you part of a society. So NOOOO!!! WE SHALL NOT CHANGE OUR CULTURE, WE SHALL FIGHT FOR IT TILL THE END IF NEED BE!!.
            Secondly, ofcourse homosexuality will remain. Laws do not stop crimes from happening. They just provide a platform from which a person or an individual that feels violated can be ably defended, protected and awarded. There are laws against, forgery, theft, murder, rape and yet still those crimes happen.
            Thirdly you must separate the sin of homosexuality from the individual to understand this. ‘Homosexuals’ are not bad people. No. But its what they do that is offending to us. Have you read the story of Alladin. He was a nice person but he was a thief. A thief during day may be the kindest person in the world or even your best friend, the only person you can count on but the fact that he steals causes you to distance yourself from him. Its the same with homosexuality.
            Lastly this picture was not taken in Uganda. This story was forged by the writter. This incident happened in a Kenyan slum called kibere and the victim was not burnt because he was gay, he was a thief (i hear).

    3. Uganda is barbaric. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe homosexuality is part of your culture or not. It exists. And for you to do what are you doing to your fellow citizens is disgusting. You can’t be that will traveled and sophisticated if you think otherwise. A nation of savages.

    4. Homosexuality IS PART OF YOUR HERITAGE because guess what? It is part of humanity, and exists EVERYWHERE. Your nation is deeply in denial. You don’t have to want to be gay, or even like gay people (you are entitled to bigotry) but when it comes to harassing, and imprisoning gay people FOR BEING WHO THEY ARE, and imprisoning peope who don’t rat out gays and lesbians that is barbaric and inhumane. Ok? And I don’t care how well travelled and well spoken you are, you are not civilized if you do not believe in human rights.

  40. whoever wrote this artical is a big fat liar!! U r nw resorting to lying about the country to gain cheap popularity and sympathy???!!! U r a v.sick person. We cn only pray 4 u….if u want to support ur fellow gay people do it honestly not by lying to the whole world!! Idiot!!

      1. Its ok if u think we are savages, we enjoy our ‘savage’ lifestyles and we do not want you to interfere with it cz u r not invited. We probably live 1,000,000 times more happily than you will ever live in our little savage lifestyles.

      2. Its ok if u think we are savages, we enjoy our ‘savage’ lifestyles and we do not want you to interfere with it cz u r not invited. We probably live 1,000,000 times more happily than you will ever live in our little savage lifestyles.

        1. I very much doubt it. I live in one of the most developed cities in the world. I have free healthcare, a good education (I can spell, you see), equal opportunities, good life expectancy, social mobility, economic stability and social equality. Fuck Uganda.

          1. Well guest, smile, be happy, Thank God(if u believe in one), u hv all that free stuff that other taxpayers have helped you acquire/access because from your post im sure ur individual effort cannot amount to much plus its obvious that if you had to only use your brain to live and survive without the help of ur country you would be dead by now. So fuck you!!

            1. Its a form of sharing by paying taxes. I wonder what will happen when the world cuts Uganda off as in no more free aid. from us tax payers in other countries. Do you think the western christians will send you money FYI they want your money.

              1. Vicky Sawyer, im saddened coz i feel like im goin to lose these 3 mins of my life but i feel compelled to help educate you on issues you think you kno and id advise you not to speak this ignorantly again.
                1) only the USA, Denmark, sweden and Norway are threatening to withdraw their aid and here is a news flash; They are not the whole world!!
                2) The aid you claim to give us is never ‘free’. We actually pay you back with huge profits for very long periods of time. So your government isnt helping as such, its running a profitable business while exploiting us.
                3) As at 2013 Uganda funded 89.1% of its entire budget. Only 9.9% of it was funded using ‘foreign aid’.
                4) we have over 500million dollars from other countries that support us like China, Japan and Russia just for this financial year.
                5) Uganda has over 50 trillion $ worth of oil revenue, just waiting to be exploited within the next few years.
                6) Homosexuality in uganda has always been illegal and has never been a condition when negotiating for “aid”. The new laws only toughen the penalties. As a matter of fact approximately 70% of all ugandan homosexuals are either prisoners in prison or in single sex schools. Most of them go back to being heterosexual when released from their prisons or single sex school enviroment. 29% became homos because of financial hardships. They basically became gigolos. 1% become homosexual because of their exposure to societies that are ok with homosexuality e.g frequent travellers and people that live in the city. As a matter of fact our rural areas have no known homosexuals.
                6) check with our uganda bureau of statistics online to update yourself on the progress of the country through the years to reduce your ignorance.

                You see dear, the fact that we live simpler lives than you doesnt make us poor or powerless. And our course of development doesnt have to take the same course your countries took because you too are not living in a perfect world or country 4 that matter.

              2. Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. And people don’t just flip from homo to hetero. Don’t work that way

              3. Feeley Vee, the statistical computation that makes someone poor according to the West and Europe is anyone that spends less than 1 (one) dollar a day.
                In Uganda that specification cannot work because our ‘poor’ people have very large subsistence gardens, they can have at least 2 meals a day out of their gardens, drink water from a well, sleep in a thatched house that needs no heating. Yes they have not spent any shilling but they have accessed all the major basic needs to stay alive. In the USA and Europe, you have to buy each and everything and that is why this specification very easily defines your poor. As a statistician, (which i am) we usually reject this measure when defining our poor.
                2)I like what you have said last, people do not flip from homo to hetero, unfortunately 99.9% of all homos in uganda tend to flip because they become homos only when its working to their advantage. For example, the homos in the prisons did it to have protection and favour among inmates. In the research that was done on them, non of them had homosexual tendencies below the ages of 16 and that is why the law had to be passed. People had started becoming homosexuals as a lifestyle and not because they were true homos.

  41. No matter what he did or what he was, this is not acceptable in a civilized society.

    1. Do you think Uganda is a civilized society?

    2. uganda is miles away from civilisied society……

    3. uganda is miles away from civilisied society……

  42. They had a canibal nazi as president few years ago, didn’t they?

  43. if its uganda where was it and why did it not make news there i don’t believe this crap

  44. Fuck all gay bastards, we’ll wipe them out of Africa……… even a cockroach which has the lowest brain density on this planet can enter da ass of another cockroach. All gay motherfuckers will burn in hell

    1. You are the full of shit and certainly your brain it’s made by shit!! Who do you think you are fucking loser to say gay people go to hell!!! I’m pretty sure you will be soon dancing on hell mothefucker!! I’m also sure you are wearing in this moment clothes who previously was designed by way people!!! Take a gun and kill your self cuz the oxygen it’s a waste being used on you!!!!! Fucking asshole

    2. There is no hell, sweetheart. Fat bastard is just alright but please don’t take out your self-hate on others just because you don’t get enough pussy. And you won’t ever wipe anything out, you Nazi f*ckface – gay people are all around. Everywhere. Get used to it. Greetings from the 21st century!

    3. Youre disgusting

    4. i think we should nuke that fucking county and take it off the map…they are total savages. These people have nnot evolved as others and are still jungle gorillas..I hope they starve to death as countries pull back on all th eid given to them in the past…

      1. you are the most disgusting person i have encountered today…congratulations!!! what gives you the right to “nuke” a country just because you dont like its people or aprove their ways? its easy to voice this opinion of yours when you are sitting in your desk, bedroom, couch, or lying in your comfortable bed. Tell me sir: have you or any of your ancestors experienced poverty, complete lack of cultural knowledge, and darkness when it comes to anything from the “civilized world” you live in? I will assume you haven´t… because you probably were lucky enough to be born on a continent/country that was already “civilized” for many many years, and probably never had to go through centuries of enslavement, racial marginalization and other horrors that dont even cross your mind, because, again, you were lucky enough to have an education (not just the education that school gives you, but mainly what you learn as a member of a “civilized” society every time you get out of your house or simply turn on the tv or radio to listen to the news). But put yourself on the other side of the coin… if it was you, living in that country, regardless of being “a savage” or not… would you accept the fact that your life, and the life of your people should be taken because you, as a country didn´t “evolve”… Instead of nuking, how about helping? Or…if you dont want to help or cant help…you know…just…SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop promoting genocide!?!!??!!?

        1. Your comment is spot on. Don’t worry about comments from people like Fat Bastard, half the population in the US thinks that way (selfish, racist trash). I guarantee you he is sitting on the couch of his mommys basement, playing video games and stuffing his fat ass while trolling around the net.

      2. This post is….well…hilarious :D!

    5. And you sir, who call yourself “fat bastard” are a disgrace to the african people… you are one of the reasons why the world doesnt give a f*** about us, because you represent what unfortunatelly many africans still represent, and what the world of today fears and disdains the most: SAVAGERY!!!! You are the savage, not because you live in a poor country, but because OF THE WAY YOU THINK!!!! I hope i can live to the day we´ll see a different Africa, rid of poverty, rid of prejudice, and most importantly, rid of IGNORANCE!

      1. Thank you so much for this… every African who combats and stand up to ignorance and hate is moving the world forward. Thank you!!!

    6. sounds like a true ‘Merican to me right here! who knows why ya’ll think you are above the rest of the world, but it will backfire sooner or later…just look at whats happening in the US lately. Every empire must fall at some point; US is next.

      1. Guess you need to thank the US for computers and the internet. Here is an idea why dont you throw yours away and use only stuff from Africa. HHMM no cars no gas no telephone not technology at all except what is invented in Africa. opps but then you would not be posting stuff like this

        1. Vicky, sounds like you agree with Fat Bastard’s comment. You must be an ‘merican as well….and what do computers and internet have to do with wanting to “wipe out” gay people? Seems to me like I hit a nerve with my first comment. Love you sexy.

    7. Sounds like you doth protest too much. Seriously, if you want a cock in your mouth so much just get down on your knees and suck it! Nobody will mind!

    8. How do you know there is a hell and by the way those who hate go to hell too soo I will see you their.

    9. Spoken like a true closet case. Please come out. And some calling yourself a fat bastard — give yourself a little love. Then maybe you’ll have some for other people in the world, instead of the misery and hate.

  45. I refuse to believe this story is even remotely true…. indeed a bill was passed but it doesn’t include burning anywhere, let alone, that image there doesn’t portray a Ugandan’s reaction to homosexuality. That, not that I even remotely support the idea of him being burned, must have been a thief and of which this kind of mob justice that includes burning had become rare in the country. Social Media just puts up anything that they think will make rounds among their readers… I must say, Just because a bill was passed doesn’t mean that now homosexuals are being burned alive. Don’t be so quick to believe everything posted on the social media….. A lot of this things are either lies or just exaggerated, when you get the real story, you’ll be surprised to find that it is very different from what was written. I pray though that this kind of thing doesn’t even come close to happening

    1. Are you retarded?

      THIS IS EXTRAJUDICIAL! These sorts of vicious mobs are not uncommon in parts of Africa. It happens to thieves, accused witches, and homosexuals. Sometimes even children are targeted.

      1. Educating someone doesn’t require you to insult them. I wanted to take your comment seriously but you ruined it with that little anger-cloud, that required you to insult someone. Now I feel you’re uneducated and dramatic. You might want to grow up so people can take your seriously.

      2. Wow, you are truly clueless retarded. You’re disgusting, you jungle bunny!!

  46. Your comment is utterly disgusting Monmalachi Ogbu. Being homophobic is exactly the same as being racist. There's no place for either in a civilised society. For someone so intelligent, it's shocking your views are so so wrong.

  47. and with views like this you are working in a university??? Poor Africa…. You are still in XIX century…

  48. Gays r not any different frm wild animals if not worst. If some wild animals r killed wtout any 1 making much ado y dt of gay.

  49. This is a hate crime, and an infringement on fundamental human rights.

  50. que barbaridad, pensar que esa gente comete estos actos de lesa humanidad!!! ojalá les vuelva en contra a estos hdp que queman gente por tener orientaciones homosexuales.

  51. deogratious!! oh! it’s just a thief!!! so no problem then, let’s burn him alive with no remorses. Viva Uganda! “how don’t paint it bad anyway i a mob burns a person alive, just for stealing something (what?) and it’s consider normal and fair. How cruel and idiots people can be.

  52. que horrorr esto se va de manos ya… no puede ser que gente de mierda, homofobicos del orto.. noonon asi no es la cosa -_- dejate de joder llegar a esto??

  53. Please check facts before going with the alarmist trends. That photo for one was not taken in Uganda. It was taken in Kibera slum in Nairobi Kenya. The unfortunate victim of the lynching was suspected to be a thief. don’t be too desperate to try and paint Uganda bad. You are driving even the moderates to a position of siege just to make the point that it’s our country, respect us and stop your hypocrisy (deal with the log in your eye)

    1. Yeah, we should really respect a country that thinks it is justified to imprison gay people for life just for loving the person they do.

      Fuck that. Respect is earned, not given. Your country deserves no respect for this clear and egregious violation of human rights. And hey, neither does mine, but at least I admit it.

      Quite frankly, if I had the resources, I’d invade your country, destroy your government, and force your country into the 21st century. Alas, I am a mere citizen of meagre resources.

    2. deogratious
      is it okay to kill a thief or arrest him. you are defending the burning of another human being. would you like your family member to be killed in such a manner. Africa wake up and value people’s lives. lives are so meaningless for some African people why kill a fellow human being.

      1. THANK YOU, for displaying yet another example of your utter stupidity. we hate gays but that snap isn’t a ugandan one.

    3. Trying to paint Uganda bad?! How can you paint a country bad that is passing uneducated, discriminating Nazi laws? It is doing pretty well painting itself bad as it gets. Thankfully all Western money is being pulled out of this hateful hellhole.

    4. You are right, and we shouldn’t repost this kinda unknown facts, but nevertheless, a man suspected of thief SHOULDN’T be kill on spot, burned alive or else, by a mob, without a proper query from the police, etc. etc. Rumors in poor countries kill a lot of innocents. This is middle-age behavior.

    5. I think it says just as much about the state of Uganda as if it were real.

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