[The Sexuality Blog]: If you dont believe women when they tell you #MenAreScum, then you should ask gay men

Oh yeah, we forgot.

You would never ask a gay man their opinion on anything because as one man on Twitter put it “Can’t listen to anything from a person with a nutty mouth”. You men consider gay men as inferior because they are attracted to other men and because you people have pushed and brainwashed yourselves into believing the tired line that all men are wild animals who are only one provocation away from shedding their humanity and raping and killing the object of their desire, source of their provocation. So if men are attracted to men, that means that rage can be directed at you.

But yeah, lets not get derailed. Gay men know all too well that #MenAreScum. They know because when they send their location to their friends when they go to a stranger’s house to have casual sex. They know because when their friend goes out with someone they don’t know quite well, and they can’t reach him after a few hours, they start to panic, afraid that he has been hurt or worse killed.

When they meet someone new for the first time they ask for his picture and send it through their network of friends and acquaintances and do background research to find out if he is married, or violent or has a history of tricking and robbing other men, or using their sexualities to blackmail them.

Gay men know #MenAreScum because as teenagers they had all exaggerated affectations of feminity bullied out of them. Sometimes physically beaten out of them. The ones who couldn’t or didn’t know how to are ostracized into adulthood, met with #NoFatsNoFems at the door before it is publicly slammed in their faces, after which they are privately let in through the backdoor.

They know #MenAreScum, because they see men think its funny to threaten Bobriskyy publicly, feign disgust at his hyperfemininity, then message him on Snapchat to tell him first chance they get they would “fuck him senseless”. They think its funny to threaten to rape him, to sexually assault him because he is somehow less than human. They know because they have heard the phrase, “If you were a woman, I would have fucked you already” said as though it were a compliment.

They know #MenAreScum because they have seen brows narrow and fists clench when you don’t join in when a group is discussing sexually assaulting women and endorsing it. They know because they can hear the barely veiled threat in the casual “Abi, you be fag?” they utter when you ask why they are treating terribly women they profess to love.

Gay Men know #MenAreScum because when men say, “No one cares about us” what they actually mean is ‘straight and hypermasculine’.

We could go on and on, but if we are really honest, you already know all of this.

So please, change.

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