Real Pain vs Counterfeit Pain | The Daily Vulnerable

There’s nothing more difficult than getting feedback that after you have done your best, someone fixates on a small mistake you made.

That pain you feel when you get that feedback is counterfeit pain because nothing happens to you. Nobody hurts you; all you felt is what your ego wants to feel. Your ego wants you to feel that you are perfect, but when somebody does what you don’t like, your ego signals to your brain that there is pain.

What is the pain in getting negative feedback from somebody?

That you didn’t get a promotion at your job. That the child that you love is not talking to you. That, is pain. But that your neighbour didn’t greet you this morning? That’s not real pain, it is ego-based pain.

Counterfeit pain is the pain that your ego tells you exist when actually nothing is wrong. Don’t go about life in search of counterfeit pain; save yourself from trouble, differentiate between real and counterfeit pain and move on quickly from any pain that is not doing anything for your life.

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