Paul Amayo: Bringing on your A-game (30 Days, 30 Voices)


by Paul Amayo


”You’re stronger than you know, you’re wiser than you imagine, and you’re more beautiful than you think.”


It’s the month of July, which ultimately signifies the second half of the year, and we all, maybe not all but most of us have taken time to look back and review our year so far.

I really don’t know how yours has been but I’m sure there have been a few let downs, disappointments, failures and even losses back there and maybe there are a few more up ahead but let’s be honest, in the midst of all that negativity, some of us got to grow up, discover our strengths, rediscover ourselves and even got to know ourselves a whole lot better.

I bet some of us realized how amazing we are in our own little way and then of course, there are those memories, the happy times with our loved ones, those days that slap a smile across our faces whenever we think of them. The amazing people we got to meet and finally, the friends and angels God sent our way this year.

This is life! This is how it balances out, the good supports the bad, the sad moments give you reasons to appreciate the happy moments, the weak points help you understand the importance of the strong points. The rain reminds you of how often you complain about the heat of the sun. Some say life is cruel and they may have a point, but I also feel I’ve got a point when I say that life is beautiful, life is amazing and our perception affects every area of our life and how life eventually treats us.

Like the piano, the black keys compliment the white keys to make beautiful music. I hear too many people complain about how everything is just hard. There are the ones you call and their response to the simple “how you dey” is always “we dey manage” or “things are hard”.Sometimes they make you forget the real reason why you called, with all their lamenting, and sometimes soil your previously cheerful mood, with their negativity because it is contagious.

So, for the remaining part of the year, regardless of how things are presently, always hope and trust for the best. Have a positive outlook and attitude! Don’t go around feeling defeated or downcast and thinking you’re the only person that has problems, or who has lost loved ones or a job or had to give up on something even when you didn’t want to. Why? It’s because like it or not, some people are already out to make you miserable and you’re supposed to stop them and not get their job done for them.

The truth is that every single one of us has our shortcomings, disappointments and failures, our losses and gains, sad and happy times but not everyone takes it as the end of the world because in this life, on this earth, only the strong will continue. When life throws you a punch, you gotta block and counter like a boxer because if you let it get to you, it will knock you down and keep you down without remorse.

As beautiful as life is, life is unfair and that’s just the way it is. You always have to pick yourself up first, encourage yourself first, congratulate yourself first and keep moving; only the strong will continue, remember this always. If you drop off dead along the way, life wouldn’t even stop to say goodbye, it keeps moving. You’re stronger than you know, you’re wiser than you imagine, and you’re more beautiful than you think.

The only validation you need is God’s and yours, when you have that covered then believe me, you’re good to go. So what if this year hasn’t been going according to plan? Keep going and keep trying, sometimes the last key in the bunch opens the door. Don’t quit, don’t stop living your dream, don’t drop out of school. A new dawn is about to break and so many others didn’t get this close, you did and that’s enough to keep your head up.

Keep going, don’t stop!


Paul Amayo is a young, Nigerian blogger.

30 Days, 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.

Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija

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  1. Great piece Paul. Keep writing.

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