A social media influencer’s battle with botched surgery has Twitter all aflutter

It would seem that the subject surrounding the concession of the female body remains a hot button topic. Even after vying for freedom of expression about a century ago, people still struggle with the idea that a woman’s body is subject to her whims as is a man’s. In large parts, people still appear unable to decide what they agree on, when it comes to what a woman is allowed to do with her body, and it’s beginning to take its toll.

There simply is no compromising the sole jurisdiction a person, be it male or female, should have over his or her own body, and in 2020, this topic shouldn’t even be given room for a discussion. Nevertheless when it comes to decisions people make over their own bodies, particularly a decision that alters one’s natural outlook, everyone begins to drop their two cents. Such is the peculiar case of popular social media influencer Omohtee.   

This influencer’s hip debacle goes a little something like this. A while back, Omohtee announced on twitter, her intentions to augment her hips, granted, this was a bad move on her part as social media is not exactly an ideal place to find absolute support, and as expected everyone immediately had something to say.

Naturally, a number of her followers stood behind her decision and showed their support, but it wasn’t long before the other half disapproved of it. They warned of the complications that could come with the surgery, ‘complications’ which are potentially a by-product of any surgery regardless of the type. Omohtee went ahead with the surgery anyways and the complications that was predicted came to pass.

Now Omohtee is struggling for her life and it’s just been a whirlwind of emotions, opinions and backlash. Some have refused to afford the influencer any empathy whatsoever, claiming that she threw their advice in their face.

Others have acknowledged that she may have been wrong to react the way she did, but it’s no reason to wish the worst on her. 


Some have taken this opportunity to call her out, on her behavior in general.

Some simply can’t fathom, why anyone would want to surgically enhance their body.

And of course, if men are not dragged into this, can it really be considered a twitter discussion? 


In all it’s been an out-pour of opinions, and the debate of whether women should be comfortable in their own skins, or alter what they were born with, lives to be discussed another day.

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