Market Research Consultant, Stanley Okpara is making a case for African culture in content marketing

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Our guest this week, Stanley Peter Okpara is a Market Research and creative Strategy Consultant, who discovers insights that drive target audience behaviour and develops concepts that resonate with a target market in order to drive more business profit for his clients.

Educated in Nigeria, SP. Okpara holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Market and social research, Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Our conversation:

Stanley gave us a short background

I do more marketing research and strategy works from home while utilising social platforms as well as tools to reach out to people through the internet. Since most persons are at home, there’s this virtual connect.

Stanley’s experience in data analysis and market research spans over ten years

My experience in data analysis and market research has been an interesting one for me. The experience is just unique, it yields new insights, so it’s like a whole new experience each time I’m out to the field to speak to the costumers of my client’s product. This leads to a broader comprehension of different sections of the market with the language being the uphill task over the years.

Changes in leadership styles this period

Yes, initially, my idea about leadership was command and control approach to getting things done, but at SO&U, its leadership style is different.

Leadership is about respect and understanding of people around you while improving strengths and weaknesses of people working with you in getting the job done.

What is SO&U doing differently that you think the world does not know yet?

SO&U is still creating unique creative solution for its clients and winning new accounts in the face of COVID-19, through its integration of IT tools and knowledge to boost staff efficiency rather than outsourcing all of its jobs.

The COVID-19 factor

COVID-19 has made staff apply less physical work relationships leading to the use of virtual interaction platforms like the Zoom app, which is helping to bridge that gap while getting the job done.

If Stanley were given a magic wand to make changes in his industry. What areas will he be looking at? Why?

l firmly believe we should show more African culture in our marketing content. I wish we can change the perception of the African continent from the continent of poverty to the continent of prosperity

How it will be for Stanley and SO&U post-pandemic? One word each.

For me: Progress.

SO&U: Innovation.

Let’s assume he predicted a future (five years) in 2019, how has COVID-19 changed this?

Never really predicted we can do more remotely with such a reduction in physical contact. So the need to have more parts of businesses virtual (with a deeper understanding of IT skills that enhance businesses) can never be underestimated. It has surely become a necessity, no more a probability.

Stanley as the Governor of the most hit COVID-19 State

I will accept the new normal and make the best out of it. Seeking opportunities and ways to get the state running while containing the pandemic with our medical institution and traditional herbs.

Using two strategic approaches that is; enlightenment and encouragement.

Enlightenment: Local health authorities will study the virus to give their understanding of the virus and enlighten people through their process with support from the government. Encouragement of traditional medics and local best practices in managing the virus.

One question he has never been asked?

Hmmm, maybe why l believe in African greatness?

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