Love Island South Africa recap: Who is the surprise new girl in the Villa?

Love Island Africa

This past week on Love Island South Africa has proved that drama will always be a constant thing. First, let’s start with the Ross bombshell. Ross has been teased earlier in the week – attractive, dark hair, personable, packing the heat. His entrance in the Villa was quite a show stopper as he got the attention of the ladies, and they’ve privately spoken about how hot he is.

Then he went on a speed dating with all of them, asking questions about their current relationships in the Villa and how they feel generally about it. Thimna spoke fondly about Libho, how she didn’t think she would get this far with him. In her diary session, she did reveal that he’s great and young, but nonetheless ”age is just a number.” What does this mean? Not that we expect that she would break up with Libho to be with him, but anything can happen.

With Tania, she told Ross that she wasn’t expecting everything she wanted with Josh, the new Black guy who entered the house earlier in the week. ”I’m starting to feel some butterflies for Ross,” Tania admitted in her diary session. Who wouldn’t?

There’s trouble in paradise and we are talking about Chris and Summer. Chris has had a reputation of friendzoning the ladies in the house, and with Summer, well Summer had completely misread the signals he was giving, thinking that he wanted more than friendship. This had bred some animosity between them and Millie, Assad and Ian had to come in as mediators.

At some point, Summer had to walk away from the conversation because of what Chris said about her being at the center of all the boy drama in the villa. She returned and apologised for walking away, but things got a little heated and led to Millie, Assad and Ian walking away and asking themselves to sort out their problems. Let’s just say their relationship – or friendship – won’t get back to what it was.

At the beginning of the week, three new bombshells arrived: Jelena and Mischka. At the recoupling ceremony, the Islanders had the opportunity to save the Islanders that were left single. Xavier was saved, also Mischka, which left Jayme and Jelena dumped out of the villa.

We can’t keep up with the new faces as the show has just introduced Kitty and Thato. They are all still navigating the dynamics in the villa, and getting to know everybody. Perhaps the highlight of the week was the ladies coming out to seduce the guys in scantily-clad get-ups: sexy maid, naughty nurse, dominatrix, etc.

And then there was the surprise new girl at the end, which was totally unexpected. She waltzed in with long hair towards the guys, did a split, lap danced, twerked, to the astonishment of everyone. And then she was gone. Is she a new Islander or just a fleeting piece of entertainment? We may have answers to this next week.

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