Living as a non-binary person in Nigeria, Period sex– the best Nigerian articles of the week

Each week here at YNaija, we round up the best Nigerian writing on the internet, highlighting the stories, profiles, interviews and in-depth reporting that rise above the daily churn.

Here are the ones that caught our attention:

Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba: Àgbà And The Art Of Entertainment- Michael Bamidele

It has been good reviews so far. I always make sure people understand “Àgbà” isn’t Oluwatobiloba. It’s all jokes. I make sure I don’t sexually harass women when I put out content. The only challenge I have faced was when I had to quit my Master’s program last year because I was new to creating content and didn’t know how to juggle that with Education. I’ve learnt a lot of things these past few months and I’m ready to go back to school to get my Masters degree in Media studies.

Why Lagos, Nigeria, Is the Cultural Capital We’re Heading to Next- Noo Saro-Wiwa

There was an organized chaos to it. I was intimidated by the density and impatience of the crowds and the kamikaze okada—motorcycle taxis—that flew at me from every direction. It was a steam pot of vehicle fumes and go-slow traffic jams that vendors wove through, selling anything from squash rackets to books with titles like How to Get Fat, while self-styled preachers on the distinctive yellow danfo (minibuses) laid seven shades of Jesus on their fellow passengers; an urban jungle with the Darwinian survival ethos of Texas and the infrastructure of Kinshasa, where islands of staggering wealth existed without shame in a lake of poverty. If Lagos were a person, she would wear a Gucci jacket and a cheap hair weave, cruising in her Porsche over rain-flooded potholes.

Why Friendship is the Goat of Love- Jola

There’s a lot of chatter about romantic love. People go on, and on AND ON about it. How and where to find it, how to keep it, pruning it, nurturing it, getting it back, losing it, recognising its understanding it, managing it, portraying it, etc.

11 Nigerians Talk About Their Period Sex Experience – Itohan Esekheigbe

The first three times I ever had sex was when I was on my period. My flow’s light, so it wasn’t messy at all. I think it made the whole losing my virginity thing easier because the blood acted as extra lube. The next time we tried it we thought my period had ended, but unfortunately it had not. I ended up squirting blood all over his bed. I am so happy none got on his face.

For us by us: Living as a non-binary person in Nigeria– Tami Makinde

I only came out when I left Nigeria but I remember being so scared of my parents, I still kind of am but when I came to Canada and I started talking to queer people. I had a crush on this queer person and I was just scared. I can’t even explain it but the fear was consuming even to the point that when I was in Nigeria and in a relationship with a queer person, I was literally deleting my texts like every couple of minutes. It’s not just that my parents are Nigerian parents but they are Nigerian parents who are pastors.

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