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Chude Jideonwu

I was in a dating app a few years ago and I had in my bio “in 80 years we will all be dead”. The idea is to remind people that no matter how hard we try, no matter what we do, no matter the things that makes us afraid, after a while, they will be gone.

When you are sitting with your grandchildren at the age of 92 and you are telling them of the choices you made while you were younger, are you going to be proud of the choices you made?

Are you going to be proud of the person you cheated? Are you going to be proud of the heart you broke? Are you going to be proud of that thing you stole? Are you going to be proud of the fact that when someone asked you of your identity, you lied? Are you going to be proud of all the people you duped and swindled, of that affidavit you are swearing to declare a false age, of the people’s salary you refused to pay because you are going through elementary brokenness? Will you be proud when you remember the (wo)man you cheated on because you wanted momentary pleasure, the life you destroyed because you wanted to get the things you wanted to get?

One day we will die. One day we will go.

When that time comes and we are looking at the life that we lived, will we sit down on our death beds and say to ourselves “I lived a good life, I made a good choice, I did the things I wanted to d?”

The Stoic philosophers had a saying “Memento Mori” and the idea is to practice everyday living as if it’s your last. That sense of urgency will force you to make the right decisions; by the time your life is ended, you will be able to look back and be proud that you did it your way.

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