Kiki Mordi: The cheering crowd is now throwing stones

Nigerian journalist and media personality, Kiki Mordi, arrived a glistening warrior in the wake of her “Sex for Grades” documentary; an expose documentary that shed light on the sexual harassment of students by lecturers in universities in Africa. She was lauded as courageous; the epitome of the change Nigeria needs. But as with most of Nigeria’s heroes, Kiki’s insistence on challenging all of our collective hypocrises has angered the same mob that put her on a pedestal and now seeks to tear her down.

Soon after the uproar of praise, Kiki Mordi slid into the bad books of Nigerians when she obstinately showed that she was not conforming to the preconceived image that had been decided for her. Her first crime was that she had loudly, in a tweet,  shown support for same-sex marriage.

“It’s almost 2020 & same-sex marriage is still illegal in Nigeria, Like two people (of the same sex) can love themselves and want to build a family for themselves just like you & I but can’t because it’s illegal for them. A damn shame! We’re already on the wrong side of history,” Kiki Mordi stated, and the backlash had been intense.

The latest development to cause raised pitchforks and angry chants of Mordi’s name is an accusatory tweet from Nigerian realtor, Segun Awosanya popularly known as Segalink accusing her of “playing the role of the hitman” and sending threats to him and Seyitan Babatayo.

Style influencer, Seyitan Babatayo had accused famous singer, Oladapo Oyebanji (D’banj) of raping her. Volcanic events had erupted after the accusation became public, including the reported detention of Seyitan in police custody overnight. As of yesterday, it was announced that Seyitan Babatayo had withdrawn the case in a press statement by Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER) and Seyitan. The conclusion seems to be that Seyitan had agreed to an out-of-court settlement with D’banj.

Some Nigerians had concluded that the statement does not exonerate D’banj but still prioritised Seyitan and hoped she would indeed find peace.

The dust seemed to have settled until midday Saturday when Segalink accused Kiki Mordi of threatening him and also dragged other female activist groups through the mud, also accusing them of raining curses on Seyitan and acting based on an agenda.

Long gone were the days when Kiki Mordi was the glistening warrior, it seems shes’s lived long enough to see herself become the villain in a matter of months. Segalink’s accusation was the back that broke the camel’s back for many Nigerians; with some declaring that the journalist had lost her way, accusing her of spearheading an extreme agenda against men. Nigerians also implied that those that supported her were foolish and clowns.


Kiki Mordi has, however, asserted that she did not threaten anyone, prompting Segalink to provide proof of the threats that she had sent; mentioning that Segalink had blocked her.


If history serves as enough evidence, one can infer that the stones being thrown at Mordi doesn’t move her. In fact, this backlash or any whatsoever does not look like it would stop Kiki Mordi from continuously speaking her mind and being Kiki Mordi.

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