#IWD2021: ‘Softcom’ leads in gender equality as it attains 50-50 in leadership

The drive for inclusion is a 100+ years march largely driven by women – who are at the receiving end of the impact of exclusion, and allies who understand that a world where women are excluded is a world deprived of greatness.

From fighting for the right to be recognised as human beings fully entitled to the rights owed each human being simply by virtue of being human. To fighting for their place in fields of study and work that until then had been reserved only for men. To fighting for the recognition of their excellence same as their male peers. The journey is far from over as we settle into the age of advanced technology.

Many will argue, and rightly so, that humanity’s continuing advancement in science and technology is opening more frontiers for exclusion. Perhaps the world’s biggest internet powerhouse Google and its string of controversies concerning racial bias, one as recently as last year which the company came out to apologize for, puts this in context.

The new frontier for the drive for a gender-equal world is in science and technology, even as we continue to expand that good fight forward outside that frontier.  Many technology companies are taking the lead in sharing their voice and making strategic actions to show their stand for an inclusive world. Very few of them do this as excellently as Softcom Limited.

One of the drivers of exclusion, it is established, is the lack, even absence of women on the decision table. All human frontiers from archaeology in the 1500’s to space exploration nowadays, tend to see the infiltration of our own innate biases into them. It is to be expected because human beings build for themselves, not the other way around. 

When the product or service being built to serve a certain demography is built by a team made up of everyone but the very demography it seeks to serve what one ends up with is a disaster that can’t be salvaged.

Softcom found the answer to that by ensuring a 50% female leadership in the company. As a company, they believe the journey to finding the right answers to our problems in Africa should begin with an inclusive approach in creating solutions and decision making.

It is a brilliant feat to attain even in the 21% century. 

To put why this is so in context, consider that only 11% of executives in Silicon Valley are women, and only 5% of leadership positions in the tech sector are held by women.

Being a company that is working to build inclusive human growth in a fast-emerging continent, it makes sense that Softcom is being exquisitely intentional about inclusion from top to bottom. Not only does it build trust because people will be certain of holistic representation in the product offerings of the company, it also positions Softcom for the future.

Built on a trifactor foundation that is glued together by the driving force of working to ensure inclusive growth for everyone, Softcom LTD is a company made up of connected companies.

SoftcomX, the parent company, provides management oversight and human and financial resources of all Softcom LTD entities. It ensures that Softcom LTD misses nothing.

Softcom is the business-to-business arm that enables other businesses and organizations, essentially opening a window for partnership with other companies in the tech space.

Eyowo is the business-to-human arm that creates the ecosystem in which people – entrepreneurs and innovators, grow as they take the offerings of Softcom LTD to the market through retail, digital and value chain.

All three entities are tied together in purpose and in value as Softcom LTD expands its work across the continent, driving inclusion and access for everyone, with an intentional eye to ensure they don’t fall prey to the trap of signaled but unattained inclusivity that is common among new startups.

The message is simple; inclusive growth for humanity. The means to achieve it is solid; a team built on the foundation of gender-equality at all levels. The future is here even as it is in the works. Africa will rise differently, with a deliberate drive for inclusion that embraces all our rich diversity, and Softcom LTD is perfectly positioned to bring that dream to reality.

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of Softcom’s organisation’s values, and they have ensured that opportunities are equal for all. They have designed a workplace that celebrates women; recognizing their strength in diversity and encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves.

Each day, the women at Softcom are making their contribution in building products, programs, platforms, and an ecosystem for the growth of  people, businesses, and society in Africa. And they have begun to share their stories on  Women of Softcom.

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