I’m not sleeping with a governor – Nollywood actress, Nuella Njubigbo (and then she releases these HOT? photos)

by Akan Ido

With allegations and counter-allegations flying back and forth between actress, Nuella Njubigbo and popular blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus, it is hard to keep a tab on events but we will try our best to keep you up to speed.

For those who have not had the opportunity to follow the intriguing story, the Nollywood actress was reported to have been engaged in a sizzling romantic affair with a South-south governor, who in turn purchased a Brand New 2011 Toyota Highlander SUV for her.

Njubigbo, through her publicist, came out strong to deny the allegations asking if it was mandatory for “a woman to grace the bed of men to rise to the top.”

In the statement, the actress denied ever meeting the governor an described the story of her alleged romance as “a writer’s concoctions of lies.”


The statement reads:

Must women grace the bed of men to rise to the top?

Few days ago a report surfaced online that our client, Nuella Njubigbo is in a sizzling romance with a South-South governor, who bought her the 2012 Toyota Highlander SUV that was recently reported. We would have ignored this but seeing that it came from the same writer who had ’supposedly broken’ the news of Nuella’s ‘romantic dalliances’ with two other men in the last eight months; hence we chose otherwise.

Firstly, our client has never met with the said governor. How can you travel with and ‘romance’ someone you have never met? This kind of magic can only happen in the writer’s concoctions of lies.

The writer also claimed Nuella couldn’t have been able to buy the car in many years even if she saves rigorously. This is really laughable. It is a known fact that Nuella is one of the busiest actors in Asaba and Enugu, the nerve-centers of present-day Nollywood. For someone whose fee is over N500 000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira)per movie, how impossible is it for her to buy the N8 million car the writer erroneously quoted?

And isn’t it ridiculous that we naturally come to the conclusion that men must always be behind the good fortune of every successful women in this part of the world? Women are not dummies; they have what it takes to succeed without warming the bed of any man or politician for that matter. Women at the top did not achieve prominence by crooked means. Hardwork pays. Simple!


It was this same writer who reported Nuella was pregnant recently. After realising the absurdity of her lie, she claimed it was a ’brief pregnancy’. Whatever that meant, she alone can explain.

She also claimed that Nuella rented an apartment in Enugu to live with a certain movie director. Several months after, she has not been able to prove her story as Nuella still lives in Lagos.

Recently,she wrote that Nuella was in a hot romance with a Nigerian professional footballer based in Russia. Now, it is a South-South governor and all these happened within the space of eight months.

The writer should be bold enough to say publicly what axe she has to grind with Nuella rather than hide behind the noble profession of journalism to execute her cheap hatchet job. An open declaration of her true intentions will probably confer on her some measure of respect which she desperately needs to salvage her dwindling career fortunes. Journalism is not for rumour mongers. We know it is her stock in trade to blackmail rising stars and ‘A-listers’ who are mostly her friends until they come and pay ‘homage’. We won’t be blackmailed under any circumstance.







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  1. What do u except she is succesful actress so pple will definetly talk.pls they should give her breathin space to flex her life

  2. Pls let her use what she have to get what she want.

  3. Pls let her use what she has to get what she want.

  4. She should please desist if she were having an affair with Amaechi for the sake of his wife and kids. She's a good looking girl though.

  5. I don't believe you, my earnings is in d neigbourhood of d amount quoted monthly or more and I can't dream of buying an 8million car with high rent, high petrol cost, etc and her case, she has to look chic with designers bags, shoes, clothings, make up etc. She must be agumenting her income from somewhere else aside acting not that I'm saying she did it but with present reality in d country, its impossible to buy an 8million car with dat kind of income chikena.

  6. She's pretty the African way;not skinny and seems proud of it. Kudos,but stay away from trouble.

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