How to look 40 when you are 60

Considering that our skin is the largest organ we possess and does an overly-important job of protecting us against mechanical damage and pathogenic threats, it’s surprising how underrated proper skincare is in the African community.

Even beyond the biological importance of our skin, Our face deserves extra love and care because not only is it more sensitive than the rest of our body but it is also the first thing that people see when they look at us and it represents us throughout our entire lives-it’s literally the face of our personal brand.

However, the skincare routine of an overwhelmingly large number of Africans is using body soaps and body lotions-if that-but these have been formulated for our tough body, not our tender faces and they end up damaging our face’s strength and suppleness over time with their harsh ingredients.

Those who do begin to care about their skin start only after they experience skin issues such as acne, sun damage and even premature aging- all of which could have been prevented or at least slowed down tremendously with little effort. Literally 90% of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines is as a result of photo-aging (sun-caused aging) and just by wearing sun screen everyday (something that takes less than 30 seconds to do), you’re guaranteed to look 40 when you’re actually 60.

There’s also this misconception that ​dark skin doesn’t need sunscreen​ but melanin can only do so much and darker skin is actually more susceptible to sun damage (like hyper pigmentation). If you’re skeptical take a look in the mirror, aren’t your sun-exposed body parts like your face and legs darker than the rest of your body?

Skincare is important for everyone: whether it be Africans, Non-Africans, men, women, young and old. Our environment is more of an enemy to our skin than it is a friend and it certainly doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, gender or sex.

As important as skincare is, there’s a vast confusing amount of knowledge (both true and false) out there on how to care for your skin. We at Bare chronicle black skincare and via this column will be providing you with all the quality information you need to get healthier skin on a bi monthly basis.

We will also be debunking myths and bringing up controversial discussions around related topics. If you’ve got any questions for us just ​send us a mail​ or ​WhatsApp us​.

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