What color do you see? This dress will leave you utterly confused (LOOK)

by Chinwe Okafor


What colors do you see?

I see blue and black but a second eye sees white and gold and now I’m beginning to think that something is wrong.

This image surfaced on the internet a couple of hours ago and it shows a picture of a dress posted by a woman took to Tumblr the day before to ask a question: what color is this dress?

She captioned the post, “guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the fuck out

The responses;

-So I just looked at this like, it’s blue and black obviously and all my friends were like no it’s blue and gold. Now I’m super confused, what is eyesight?

-I see it as white and gold. My friend right here sees it as blue and black. I CANT HANDLE THIS

-if that’s not gold my entire life has been a lie

-I am seeing Blue and Black, how are people seeing it different? Is there some sort of mind sorcery happening here?! 😮

-Okay, wtf

-i just saw it as gold and white which was weird bc earlier it was blue and black so i thought maybe ye were fucking with me but i went to reblog and now its blue and black again?!1?


-My class just had a debate over this. Half sees black and blue, the other half sees gold and white. Someone please explain this…


The woman says when she saw a photo of the dress once, it was blue and black (she even posted a photo of the dress being worn at a wedding. In that image, it appears to be blue and black) but when she looked at it again, the dress was gold and white. This is about the point where the Internet broke. The image appears white and gold to some and blue and black to others. Probably eye, light, mind tricks.
It’s black and blue to Google Image Search. Photoshop’s eyedropper tool says it’s black and blue. From Andy Rexford via Business Insider comes this explanation with science.

This below is the original dress that goes for $77.



Meanwhile, memes have surfaced online with the dress and they are hilarious.

dress meme


the dress five

the dress four

the dress three

the dress two

the dress tooo

the dress too

the dress


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