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The other day I was watching some of my inspirations discuss issues they had to battle with again and again, even while they were teaching others. Sometimes, even fighting those battles as they were teaching others. 

One of the biggest things I have written about in this newsletter is my experience fighting insecurity. I have spent the last eight years fighting insecurity about my personal appearance; it has led me to be desperate in asking people out, or go into relationships I had no business with.

I once felt bad about teaching about it, since I was going through it at that time.

I was reminded of the man who teaches about how to be truthful in relationships and be clear about what you need, while he himself had gone through two previous bad marriages. 

Or the one teaching about fear, who has very recent stories about taking an action in spite of debilitating fear in her heart. 

But then, it occurred to me: Ah, that’s why they know exactly what I feel? That’s why when they give examples, or ask people questions, or take you through practical exercises, you feel that this person truly gets you, gets it, has the street cred to teach it. 

Because of course, they have an intensely personal experience often with what they teach. That’s the only way they can get right through to your heart and your soul. 

Stop thinking you have nothing to share, even if you haven’t fully overcome it yet. 

Because sometimes, we teach each other that which we know we most need to learn ourselves.

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