#BBNaijaReunion: Kaisha takes on a fight she simply can’t win

Tonight’s episode of the Big Brother Naija Reunion show was quite weird to say the least.

The headline of the night was definitely the confrontation between Neo and Kaisha. While in the house, rumors had it that Kaisha and Neo were a thing, despite Neo his relationship with Vee at the time. As we all know, Neo stuck with Vee, and his friendship with Kaisha fell completely apart.

As with such relationships that fall apart, it’s easy to pick a side (although you may necessarily not be right) and also find it easy to sympathize or relate to one person’s side of the story. On tonight’s episode of tea before bed, that wasn’t the case.

During the segment, Kaisha narrated how she believed Neo led her on, alleging that he not only asked her to kiss him at a point during the show but also crawl under the sheets occasionally with her. Albeit, to just have a conversation.

She alluded to them sharing a duvet together from time-to-time, having relationship talks, and most notably alleged that Neo told her that if his girlfriend, Vee wasn’t in the picture, he would have gone for her.

The burning question for everyone appears to be “Is it true?” Quite frankly, while we can’t out rightly dismiss it as a lie, as that would be unfair to someone trying to find closure, we can say that at the very least her approach was flawed. Indeed, she looked like she desperately wanted closure.

Firstly, who claims to respect someone and then try to embarrass them on national television? Sensitive issues like these could always be discussed privately.

Secondly, she mentioned her respect for Vee but constantly tried to make a joke of her relationship with Neo, to the point of labelling her boyfriend a liar she should be careful of.

If she really wanted to bring this up publicly, perhaps for some wound to heal; its hard to accept her words as facts as she made accusations without proofs. And while the accused (Neo) simply denied it, she kept yelling at him in a bid to make him admit to her allegations. No one can for sure describe that as a formula for winning a case, but okay.

To be fair, did she really believe that Neo was going to admit to all she accused him of before his actual girlfriend?

As mentioned earlier, this was not one of those situations where you can’t easily pick a side. On one hand it’s easy to sympathize with Kaisha; a lady who just wants some closure, but on the other hand, it’s easy to sympathize with Neo, a guy who doesn’t want to say or do anything that could hurt his relationship.

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