@alabaster85: Dear GEJ, is this your transformation agenda?

by Soyombo Ayomikun

With awe and disgust
In our different homes we watched
As lawmakers were treated
As rogues to be barred from a sanctuary
On the order of ‘Pontius Pilate’
They were locked out of their assembly complex

We watched as they battled the gate
With policemen hurling tear-gas cannisters
We watched as ‘honourable men’ began climbing the gate
Forgetting that they’re wearing free-flowing robes
We even saw one that did an acrobatic display
All because they want to discharge their duties

Is this a ‘Transformational Agenda’
That locks lawmakers out of their meeting point?
Is this a ‘Transformational Agenda’
That keeps intimidating all that thinks differently?
Or is Nigeria becoming the Rome of old
With an Emperor having eyes made of balls of fire?

Is this a ‘Transformational Agenda’
That can’t secure our walls?
Going about persecuting hapless citizens
All because of a shifted allegiance?
Must the citizens of Nigeria all become TANmites
For us to have peace?

Our children have lost their minds
As bombs now routinely tear them apart
Parents send children to school
To learn so they can become great
In return they get their bombed corpses
Or maybe hear about their abduction

Over 200 of our daughters
Still remain in hell,perhaps now wreaked
Beauties whose safety we entrusted on a government
A government now dancing around wanting to be crowned again
Is this a ‘Transformational Agenda’
Daily bringing tears to our eyes?

Is this a ‘Transformational Agenda’
That keeps deceiving us?
That politics shouldn’t be a ‘do or die’ affair
While its actions depict otherwise
Nigerians didn’t ask for a leader
With a ‘steely’ heart as that of Pharaoh

Children watched as lawmakers climbed gates
Tumbling over in a show of shame
They even laughed enjoying the drama
As leaders are reduced to nothing
All because an Emperor spoke
Because someone has to be taught a lesson

Enough of this madness ruining us all
Enough of this meaningless battle branding us as empty men
This is definitely not a ‘Transformational Agenda’
Neither can it be tagged a ‘Reformational Agenda’
Nigeria is being thorn apart
Sadly by a dark ‘Degradational Agenda’

Bring back our daughters
That we may smile again
Help us ignite peace within our walls
That its sweet fire may soothe our souls
Bleed out your last for us
As you bear our heavy burdens
That’s the ‘Transformational Agenda’ our heart desires
That’s the leader we’re longing for

We’ve swallowed enough ‘shit’
All because we are Nigerians
We’ve drank enough lies
We’ve lost enough loved ones
Enough of this drab show of supremacy
Enough of the bickering and acts of impunity
We indeed want Transformation,
However, not one making our lawmakers climb a gate
But if this ‘Transformation’ should continue
We’ll all get Transformed into mad men someday
And then Rome will burn!

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  1. This is not the type of living we peaceful nigeria deserve. We voted for fresh air now turn to hot air. This is bad. God will safe us. We can’t continue like this another 4yrs. There will not be nigeria

  2. We have swallowed enough shit! That’s the clause of life. The president is so intolerant of opposition. Is this not a democratic setting? Can there be only one party? I saw the senate president laughing at the ridicule of his members. I’m angry he has not been sacked. It is the responsibility of the president as the GCFR and CSO to secure the country. I hold him responsible. If he needs to arrest anybody, he should go ahead. In saner climes, he would have been impeached. Girls in detention, death of several kids and villagers, jungle justice everywhere, reckless embezzlement and corruption, economic hardship, political intimidation and abuse of power, incessant strikes, . ..just name it. All the sectors have gone down. He claims to know the sponsors of BH, yet he cant make one arrest. He’s a colossal failure. Worse than him are those who mortgage the future by blindly supporting him. Our loyalty should be to the sovereign state of Nigeria. Not to any man or geopolitical zone. That is the oath of the national pledge. Shame!

  3. People in this country have hand in boko haram y den denting d image of our President, evn wen sombdy z sayin dt if his party did nt win d strnt of boko haram wil increase, Y Nigeria.

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