7 ways to make your woman feel sexy

from Divine Caroline

There is nothing better than feeling attractive, sexy, hot, and appreciated. Your girl will be ecstatic if you put a little effort into it and really make her feel amazing. The best part is that it is easy, you don’t need to spend any money or any extra time doing it, and you can do it every day or even just a few times a week. But the paybacks will be amazing. You will have a confident, secure, happy, sexy girl on your hands. And when she is happy you will see how happy she can make you. Try out a few of these tips and make your girl feel wanted!

Just Tell Her
Tell her how amazing she is, how good she smells, how pretty she looks, how great it was in bed last night. Don’t make up something or say the same thing over and over just to say it. Be honest and spontaneous, when something feels good about her tell her, it will really make her day. A happy partner is the best kind of partner.

Text, Email, or Call
The unexpected text, email or call is such a surprise that it would make anyone happy. Send her a message in the middle of the day for no reason and say “hi” or “I miss you” or even just say, “hey babe, how are you?” Being appreciated and cared about especially when she isn’t expecting it will make her feel great, and sexy. A big benefit for you by the way, when she feels sexy she will be more giving in bed.

Use Terms of Endearment
Yes, they are kind of sappy and sometimes hard to say but they really make a girl feel special. Some good ones are babe, baby, sexy, gorgeous, darling, sweet thing and there are many more. Find one you are comfortable with and one that fits your girl. She will love you for it!

A Real Kiss
The kiss is such a great way to let her know how you feel about her. When you really feel something put your hands on the side of her head and pull her in for a big kiss, keep eye contact and let her know what you are feeling. This type of kiss is so intimate it will also make her feel cared for, adored and special.

Active Listening
Listen and ask questions when she talks, when she knows you are paying attention she will be thrilled. You don’t have to ask deep questions or be an expert, just express interest. Ask her how she felt, what she did, how she handled it… Anything to show that you are hearing what she is saying and that you care for her. Nothing can make a girl feel more loved than someone who listens and is interested in what she is saying.

Be Helpful
Help her with something; it doesn’t have to be anything big. If you see her changing a light bulb step in and finish the job. Help with cooking or doing the dishes or changing the sheets. A little help goes a long way, any and all of these could lead to some extra fun like naked dinner, a water and soap fight ending in sex on the kitchen counter and changing the sheets, well I am sure you guess where that might lead.

Again, Just Tell Her
Everyone loves to hear love. Tell her you love her, you adore, she is hot, you can’t wait to see her, you miss her or whatever else comes to mind. You won’t believe how receptive a girl can be to open, honest loving.

And for goodness sake, if you don’t mean it, don’t say it that is just mean!


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  1. My girl is sexually stronger than I do. Hw do I handle this pls?

  2. How to hide porn: put the document in a folder named "Terms of Service".

    Nobody'll touch? that.

  3. the problem is dat some women are jst stuborn, no amount of these things u do dat will make them be gud

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