7 ways to burn fat in 7 days

by Chris Taeni



So – we all want results. And we want them now.

I have seen this hundreds, if not thousands of times first hand as a personal trainer. People come to see me and they have reached that critical point of making a decision on losing weight, burning fat, toning up or something along those lines and they tell me “I want results ASAP”.

Whether it’s because they have an important upcoming event, a formal, a dinner, a wedding or whatever, it’s always the same. We are impatient beings by nature and it doesn’t always work in our favour.

But what about you? OK, I’ll get to the darn point. What are 7 ways you can shed fat and get leaner in a week?
Well here they are:

    1. Starve yourself (almost) to death – Well this isn’t a very good way to burn fat actually, contrary to popular belief. Your body will almost certainly lose weight due to dehydration and other unmentionable bodily actions. But on the contrary, your body is programmed to store fat in the event that you stop putting food in your belly. So you might get fatter in your 7 days – which is not what you want!
    2. Do an intensive 7 do workout regime targeted at destroying the fat! Again, this is a bit extreme (I don’t recommend it). You might lose some fat. In fact you almost certainly will. The trouble here is, you will also flood your body with toxins in the intense exercise sessions which might end up ruining your metabolism and making it more difficult to keep fat off!
    3. Take the advice of money crazed fitness “gurus”. You know who I’m talking about right? Those guys you see on TV trying to peddle you off some useless piece of junk that you know is doomed to sit under your bed or in the closet for the next 47 months. These things don’t work people – stop buying them!

OK, lets get to the proper stuff shall we. Now before reading any further, I want you to realise the most important key to losing fat in 7 days is to consider the importance of your health and of taking a balanced approach to fat loss.

  • Change your eating habits starting now. That’s right. Commit to 7 days without two thirds of your favourite junk foods. Just throw them in the bin if losing fat is actually important to you.WARNING: Don’t deprive yourself. Throw out 2/3 of what you would normally eat that would make you fat.Keep 1/3 as your treat.
  • Start your exercise regime or change it up. Exercise is vital – getting it right is even more important. Who wants to waste hours of time in the gym and still have the flabby gut hanging out at the end of it all? Not you!
  • Load up on vitamins from natural sources. Get your fridge choc-a-block full ofcruciferous vegetablesantioxidant rich fruits and organic, grass-fed meats.
  • Hydrate and make sure your pee is clear. Self explanatory really. How many times do I have to tell you guys to drink more water, honestly. It won’t sit in your body making you chubby. It WILL flush out toxins and make it easier for your body to function normally after the torment of ice cream and cola that you flooded it with! –> Unique ways to drink more water.

That’s it people. I give you 7 ways to burn fat in 7 days. But if you ask me, burning fat is a lifestyle matter and you shouldn’t be in a place where you need to burn it off in 7 days! Get the point? Visit my site to learn how to live a fitness lifestyle with a toned sexy body every day. ——————————————–


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  1. Awesome! Thanks! Very much needed now especially this Christmas period when everyone's guard is down. Actually these are things we all know but don't really abide by. I hope I can! I'll consider this Day 1! Let's go!

  2. On point!

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