4 Nigerians reveal why they are quitting Clubhouse


No social media platform is currently buzzing right now like Clubhouse, the voice-chatting, invite-only app that has gained huge popularity since launching around April last year. Aside its range of fields, subjects, themes, topics or any other interest marker that might appeal anyone, it has a radio-podcast-type feel. Only difference is that you can get involved with discussions in real time.

In Nigeria, people are already on the bandwagon. Rooms are created daily to address trending topics and it’s a surefire way to build a following. Despite the app’s buzz, grievances have ensured from people who feel the platform isn’t a safe space. Or just a waste of their time. We spoke to four Nigerians who share their experiences about using Clubhouse and why they intend to quit.

Toyin, 23

I didn’t get Clubhouse until December, 2020 and while I got a hang of it faster than I expected, the place turned out to be no different from Twitter because of the topics that people often discuss: marriage, shoot your shot, who should pay on the first date and whatnot. I suppose I can create my own room and discuss whatever I want but it’s something I haven’t brought myself to do. I had to reevaluate. Do I need this app? Do I need to hear Nigerians saying ‘let me land’ every five minutes? It’s the ghetto. Maybe I will get the app back after I quit, who knows.

Cassandra, 29

I have already left Clubhouse. I left there in January because LGBTQ Nigerians were being targeted by straight people for harassment and for what? Making screenshots and posting on twitter to make a mockery of. Come on. I’m a lesbian and I’m not out yet, but during that time when this was happening, I knew Clubhouse wasn’t going to be safe for me. Imagine asking why LGBTQ Nigerians are discussing about their experiences and you call it joblessness? I was so upset that day. It was the last draw and I quit because of my mental health.

Soji, 25

I hear many fake people on that Clubhouse, fake accents, fake everything. Why are people forming? But seriously, I’m quitting the app because it doesn’t do anything for me. I log on when I’m bored and want to hear some bants and that’s it. I have also noticed that Nigerians are bringing this influencer thing to Clubhouse, always wanting to moderate, calling mostly their friends to the stage to talk. Tell me, are we in high school? Nigerians annoy me man.

Prosper, 22

I don’t know if this is a good reason but I just got tired of it. I know that people are addicted to it but it has lost its appeal for me. I opened my page since August and I heard the good, bad, and ugly on Clubhouse. It’s beginning to feel like a chore. I’m very active on twitter and instagram and I think that’s enough for me.

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